Here are Best Mobile Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas! – Based on my personal experience

Mobile Apps To SAVE YOU MONEY In Vegas!

Money, money, money! If you don’t read any other sentences on this page, read the next one anyway. DOWNLOAD EACH OF THESE FREE MOBILE APPS, AS THEY WILL  SAVE YOU PLENTY OF TIME AND MONEY on your Las Vegas trip AND they’ll get you a FREE STAY in Las Vegas if you use them. I’ll do this as quickly as I can. That’s not to under-value how useful these apps will be for you, and how much time and money that they can save you. I would HIGHLY recommend that you download EACH of these, for sure. IF you’re trying to save either time or money, these will be VITAL for you. 

but first…



– Receive EXCLUSIVE food and drink offers LIVE to your phone as you walk the Strip!

– Tips and tricks to help you with booking flights and hotels

– Lowest prices on flights and hotels

– Car hire and limo booking

– FREE food and drink guide

– Restaurant reservations

– Book shows and concerts (and book for tonight too!)

– Activities (Grand Canyon trips, Chopper Strip trips, golfing and much more)

– Single? Find a date in Vegas

– Shopping (with coupons!)

– Trip insurance



Bernadette Donnelly
Bernadette Donnelly Read More

Love this app! It’s got everything I could possibly need for, and in, Las Vegas! Super! Plus the deals! I’m really looking forward to the live deals as I walk around Vegas. Fantastic idea! And it’s free!

Shane McLoughlin
Shane McLoughlin Read More

Brilliant idea. Don’t know why there’s not one of these for every city.

Alan Dunleavy
Alan Dunleavy Read More

All you need to know before and during your vegas escape, especially if you want to see it all on a budget! Insightful tips and humorous commentary from Shane, who clearly knows his way around Sin City!

Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly Read More

Researching for a mad trip to Vegas when we’re all allowed travel again and I found this app. There’s a huge amount of information and first hand recommendations which have been very helpful. Pretty much everything I’ll need for planning my trip and for when I get there. Thanks!

Ian O'Rourke
Ian O’Rourke Read More

Great app, easy to use, excellent guide for Las Vegas

and now… more apps (Most are available within my own app, above, it’s free, and you should definitely download it!)

Apps for Getting Around Las Vegas

First up are three apps for getting around. IF you’re travelling to Las Vegas from outisde America, DON’T download these first two (Uber and Lyft) UNTIL you get to Las Vegas, and you can do it in the airport when you arrive as there is free wi-fi there. The reason for not downloading Uber and Lyft until you land are that I’ve heard that sometimes the offers that you can get for them won’t work if it’s downloaded previously (as in outside the U.S). Also DO NOT use taxis in Las Vegas. DO NOT USE TAXIS. DO NOT USE TAXIS. That’s my point hopefully gotten across now. They are far too expensive in comparison to Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft are what are called “RideSharing”. You order your car from the Apps. I’m not going to go into huge detail here, as you can read what they are all about in the “Getting Around” section of the site, but trust me, these apps will consistenly save you a pretty penny, and you can use the promo codes I’m giving you to save yourself even more. The third app listed below, Moovit, will help you with bus times etc. It’ll be very useful too.

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Earn FREE and/or discounted rooms, drinks, restaurant offers, offers on entertainment, show offers and more…

Next up, two apps for you that you can use to get rewards of free hotel rooms, meals, show tickets, and more. DOWNLOAD THESE NOW, whilst you have time to earn all of these amazing rewards! You’ll be glad that you did! Trust me! 🙂 In the case of Wynn Slots you can earn a free room for up to four nights in the majestic Wynn Las Vegas (and you DON’T HAVE TO PAY A RESORT FEE). DEFINITELY Play this app and get these nights, this is a wonderful offer as these rooms can often cost in the high hundreds per night. This is almost too good to be true because if you’ve already stayed there or been in the Wynn, you’ll quickly realise how mega it would be to stay in this luxury for free! If you have a partner or someone that you’re travelling with, if you both play the App you can get eight nights between you. That can easily come to a saving of well over a thousand (Euro/Dollars/Sterling) and even a fair bit more! DO THIS! You’ll be staying in one of the best hotels on our PLANET! Right now Wynn Slots are rewarding with rooms but it can’t be long until they have other offers for their restaurants, shows etc. PLUS again, you DON’T pay the resort fee (unless you want to use the internet or the gym) The other (myVegas), you can also play to receive lots more different rewards across the MGM properties. DO NOT MISS OUT! I’ve told you now so go forth and claim your free stays at Wynn and also both stays and many discounts at MGM properties.

Earn a FREE Stay at Wynn Las Vegas - How To Search For A Las Vegas Hotel

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Earn free and discounted stays, shows, food, drink, entertainment at MGM Resorts Las Vegas

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Last Minute Hotel Booking

Next is an App that can return incredible prices on Hotel stays (not solely in Las Vegas) and this is certainly the case if you’re booking last minute. Hotel Tonight are given unsold rooms by hotels and they pass them onto you and I, at very often, super rates. Be aware though, I’d ask you always, if you are in any way unsure of the rate, to compare it with the same hotel on Trivago and when I have my hotel deals offer page ready, compare it with that too as they’ll have been thoroughly researched and my sources will often beat others, so definitely, check these three places. Then you’ll be able to be confident that you haven’t missed anything and that you’ll have got the best price that Hotel Tonight, Trivago or I can find for you at that moment. Contact me if you’re unsure and I’ll help you. ALSO, USE THIS CODE sdonnelly18 FOR £20 OFF your booking, or the same amount in your currency. If you avail of the £20 off, I’ll get £20 off my next booking too, so thanks to you! 🙂 Everyone is WYNNing! 🙂 

Vegas Hotel Booking Tips - Booking a Las Vegas Hotel at the Last Minute

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Delivery of booze, food, OTC medication, many other things, to your hotel.

There are many reasons why you might require these next apps. If you have a terrible hangover, migraine, diarrhoea, feeling exhausted and need some time in your room away from everything. Who knows? I’m not trying to bring these things on you by mentioning them! Just to let you know that if you’ve got a problem, if you can’t solve it, maybe you can hire, one of these? Not really hiring of course. Of course you might not, and hopefully won’t be ill during your stay, maybe you are just exhausted from going out or from jetlag, and need a crash day in your room with food delivered to you, booze too, if you’re able for it. Luckily, these apps will deliver to you! Far more options and better prices than what could be very expensive room service (depending on your hotel). 

Postmates motto is “Anything, anytime, anywhere. We get it.” Well, once it’s legal they will. I’ve even heard of them picking up electronics items in BestBuy so these guys are definitely to be considered. They aren’t doing booze yet however but Instacart do. I found it very easy to use, and when I contacted their customer service, they were superb. 

Instacart will be perfect too for almost anything that you might need. They deliver alcohol too, although I haven’t availed of alcohol delivery yet as I’ve stopped for the moment, well almost four years now. I was enjoying meditation more than the jar. Amongst the Las Vegas offerings on Istacart are from Costco, Albertsons, Whole Foods Market, Smith’s, Vons, CVS Pharmacy, Sur La Table, Sam’s Club.

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

If these APPS for Las Vegas can help your family or your friends, please feel free to share 🙂

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