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Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. Sorry, nope, that’s the Brady Bunch theme tune there and I’m clearly not a lady, lovely or not. If you’ve seen my logo above there, you know. It’s not a really large head in “real life”, just standard issue, but looks big in the logo. That’s cool. Any hoo, not to waste your time singing songs to you, I’m a 46 year old Dubliner who has a great desire for Las Vegas and most thing Las Vegas related. 

You’ve come here to my site, as either you’ve got a passion for Las Vegas and want to go back as soon as possible, like I have, or you haven’t been, and you’re looking for ideas and good deals. Great! Either way, you’re in the right place. I’ll do my best to look after you. 

My name is Shane, Shaner to lots. There have been other names too. Shan-o, Don-no, Donaldson, Rosario, Hamish, The Dublin Bun. Yeah, I’m not sure why either but hey-ho. All coolio. You can call me anything you like, I’m well used to that by now. I’m a “mentally stable with quirks” (so I’m assured) Dubliner, from Ireland, who has been very fortunate, in that I got to travel for holidays/vacations numerous times, and also got to live on occasions, for a few months at a time, in Las Vegas (with the 90 day ESTA visa). To be honest, barely an hour passes when I don’t think about friends living and working there, the place itself of course, and the great times that I’ve spent there. 

My friends there, I’m very lucky to have met some truly wonderful and unique people. People that you’d never forget. I’m going to have a go at coercing some of them into some interviews for for you (if they’ll let me obviously) so that they can tell you all the locals secrets firsthand, and really, if you want to get to know the place, that’s the best way to enjoy Las Vegas, with the locals. They really do know what we don’t. There’s no doubt. It was a couple of trips in for me before I really met some of them, and luckily for me, we became friends. The people in Las Vegas are some of the nicest people that I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know in life. Too difficult not to like! 

Listen (we often start sentences in Ireland with “listen” so ignore that. It’s mainly for emphasis), let me explain further. I’m not rich, and I don’t have a huge desire to be. This makes no odds to you I’m sure, and that’s ok, but what will help you by me not being rich, is that when I go to Las Vegas, whether it’s for a holiday or for a longer few months of a holiday, I do it in such a way as to get the best that I can get for the best price that I can get. Don’t ever let anyone put you off going on a trip to Las Vegas by hearing them say “ah yeah, Las Vegas eh? it’s too expensive”. That’s not really a fully balanced statement. Yes, it’s become more expensive over all, undoubtedly, and I absolutely HATE those resort fees, but there are still many many ways to really have the Las Vegas experience at a lower price by being clever with things. I’ll show you how so no worries. There are also lots of inexpensive ways to eat and drink, places to stay, etc. Take this from me, I DO NOT have major money), Las Vegas can really be done on nearly any budget, there really is something for everyone, and I do know where the good deals are, so I’ll be getting them to you if you’re interested. If you’d like to subscribe to the site, you’ll benefit. 🙂 

I wrote a book recently called “Las Vegas – You CAN do it for LESS”. It’s for sale on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and many more retailers. The name of it will give you an idea of what it’s all about! 😉 Also, if you haven’t been elsewhere on the site you might not know that I’ve a nice FREE GUIDE for you. It’s going to give you lots of ideas and it’ll help you to get a better idea on how you can have a great Las Vegas stay without huge expense. You can get that HERE. 

My “real job” (I’m self-employed) is finding e-commerce sellers, who sign up to me, products to sell on Amazon in the U.S, so I know exactly how to find you whatever you’ll need in Las Vegas at a very good price.

Over the years, I’ve stayed in all types of hotels in Las Vegas from the most luxurious 5 stars to 3 stars, getting great deals on ALL, or I CAN DEFINITELY ASSURE YOU… there’s no way I’d have been staying there. Likewise with bars, restaurants, shows etc. I will help you with all of this. A total pleasure for me, as this is one of my passions, finding deals for people (a significant component of my “real-job”). Nice to combine it with Las Vegas, a very very serious passion! I really get a buzz from seeing people smiling and happy from something that I might have helped them with. So YOU can help me get my buzz 🙂

Just one more thing (thanks Columbo)… in time there will be offers on the site, deals and that etc. If you decide to buy one, I might get a few cents or a couple of dollars here and there. I’d be called an affiliate in this case. This doesn’t make anything any more expensive for you, and to be honest, they’ll have to be very decent deals for me to list them and well worth your time and money.

All my best for now, and I really hope that you enjoy the site just as much as the experiences I’ve had so that this could come about. 

Shane(r). 🙂 Enjoy!🙂 

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Shane (Blog Author) from Shane Loves Vegas

An adequately standard-issue sized head.

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Hope to see you in Las Vegas sometime! 🙂