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How to get around Las Vegas – My personal experience about getting around Las Vegas…

“Celebrity gets it wrong!” – Vegas Taxis, never again!

Katy Perry was VERY VERY VERY wrong! DO NOT take taxis in Las Vegas!

“You gotta help me out

It’s all a blur last night

We need a taxi ’cause you’re hung-over and I’m broke”

– Katy Perry there, explaining to the dude that they need a taxi. Katy goes on to explain that she’d lost her fake i.d, and that the dude had lost the motel key. Things weren’t going great at that moment for that couple, it seems. He then gave her some dirty looks and she told him that she’s not to blame. Dude you lost the motel key, less of the dirty looks, you haven’t a great hand to play here. Then she told him to cash out and get the hell out of town. She wasn’t happy. Then she told him not to be a baby and to remember what he told her….basically to “shut up and put her money where her mouth is”, because apparently, that’s indeed what you get for waking up in Vegas, and that this is what she wants him to do. Well, according to this chap anyway. Katy then suffered with a bit of photosensitivity and asked if they’d got married the night before, as it seems the guy was dressed like Elvis and she was wearing his class ring. Katy obviously had a right blackout from whatever she drank. Maybe Fireball, that’s a possibility, and that’ll cause this sort of thing. He didn’t seem in great form either. He was going to call his Mother but Katy said no, that they are now partners in crime and that again, he was to remember what he told her about shutting up and putting his money where his mouth is (she wouldn’t let him forget he said this), then she got more personal and told him to shake the glitter off his clothes because this is what he gets for waking up in Vegas. She then blamed him for getting her into this situation and that it was out of control. This is hard going listening to these two go at each other, giving me anxiety. Then, then she told him to get some cash out that they were going to rip up Vegas, and again for a third time she told him to remember what he told her, to shut up and put his money where his mouth is, to shake the glitter off his clothes again and that this is what he gets for waking up in Vegas. She’s a tough lady this Katy. 

I don’t know, anyway, they had a right complicated night by the sounds of things but she’s wrong about needing a taxi. YOU DON’T NEED a taxi, YOU NEED an Uber or a Lyft, so apologies for this Katy, no taxis on this page Miss, or Mrs. Maybe you’re married. I’m not up to speed on what happened after yourself and Russell parted. 

DO NOT take taxis in Las Vegas.

Take Ubers and Lyfts instead, for very good reasons, plus I’ve got some money off them for you. 

That’s it there in a nutshell people. There’s nothing else really to say on that, well I’ve got a bit to say (and it’ll help you I hope), so read on if you want to know my reasons, otherwise, you’re cool to stop here, BUT do go to the bottom of this article, and there’ll be something of value for you there, IF you’ve never booked either one, or both of an Uber or a Lyft).

Ubers and Lyfts are what’s called “ride-sharing” companies. To explain briefly, they are very like taxis except that you contact them through the Uber and Lyft Apps from your smartphone. You “can” share the trip with others that would be picked up along the way or before you, but you don’t have to. The trip is cheaper and can be quite interesting if you do share. I used them whenever I needed to get somewhere that I wouldn’t walk to. I liked sharing them if I wasn’t in a hurry. It’s better fun at times, meeting strangers. If you follow the article here, you’re going to save money using them to get around. 

I much prefer the Ubers and Lyfts over taxis in Las Vegas. I will also say, definitely from a financial perspective especially, avoid taxis if at all possible (and there are lots of Ubers and Lyfts so you’ll be fine). For years (pre-Uber and pre-Lyft) I took taxis in Las Vegas. When I first started going to LV, the amount of times that I was brought around the world for fun (well to increase the taxi fare obviously), it was nuts. If you do decide to get a taxi DO NOT let them know that it’s your first time in Las Vegas (if it is) and if they ask you which route you’d like to take, know the route (they have to take it when you ask them). Google Maps is your amigo for this. This is probably a bit offputting, this negative bit, as in putting you off reading the rest of this, but I’m not going to go into slating the taxi drivers as many of them are great people making a hard-earned crust, BUT I just have more compelling reasons (from my own experiences) to take Ubers and Lyfts.

(1) Ubers and Lyfts are cheaper, much much cheaper, with Lyft possibly being slighly cheaper than Uber from my experience on the trips that I took (checking out the prices of trips beforehand for the same journey on each app) but I could be wrong. Regardless, they’re very close in price and much cheaper than taxis. I was able to get to the airport from where I was living (directly behind the Linq and almost under The High Roller) for $6 to $7, which was a steal. I had paid $11 or $12, I think one time too, but it’s still much better value than a taxi which you’d be hard-pressed to get away with $20 (especially after the tip) or so for that journey. You’d give a tip to the Uber and Lyft drivers of course, as you would with a taxi. The Ubers and Lyfts are normally from 20% up to about 60% less expensive (depending on the length of the trip and the time you get it at) cheaper than what I’d have been used to paying a taxi. I’ve heard of a person paying $52 from the airport to the Stratosphere (they must have went into it, the actual Stratosphere, to be honest. It’s new name is the Strat. The old name works for my example though!), and the same person paying Uber $12 for the return journey. Crazy in the coconuts. The only thing that can really make an Uber or a Lyft come close price-wise to the taxi fare is surge pricing. Surge pricing is when there is high demand on the Ubers and Lyfts. From memory (we don’t have Lyft in Ireland), Lyft’s surge pricing is called “prime time” pricing. Both of these Apps will tell you if there is surge pricing/prime time pricing, and so, maybe just try again a few minutes later. Don’t take them at that time. Anyway, you’re on vacation/holidays, so if there is surge pricing at some point, a few minutes waiting shouldn’t kill you if you want to save some dollars to spend elsewhere on the trip. Go and get a drink, ice-cream, coffee, which ever applies! You’re on your holidays/vacation! 🙂 

(2) They seemed to be just as frequently available as taxis, so that was cool, and also, I found them easy to get, from where I was living. Apart from my running from the apartment to the uber/lyft without wifi connection (the apps run off that or data, I didn’t have data, Irish phone, and I wasn’t using Irish data in the U.S. as you’d need to take out a mortgage on that castle that you own, to do this) right through the pool and bar-b-que area, like the way Ferris Bueller ran to get home before his folks, in the same film. That fast, in cowboy boots, getting to the gate, and hoping that the driver hadn’t disappeared when I wasn’t at the appointed pickup spot. If you have data, you really don’t have this problem. With an American number and data, this sin’t a problem, Without data, you won’t have it with wifi either, IF you book it when you’re in a wifi zone, and have them pick you up in the same wifi zone or be able to see the spot that you need to get to. There was no real wifi between the apartment and the gate, I suppose is what I’m trying to say and that I have cowboy boots. Well I wasn’t trying to tell you about the boots, but I just remember my struggled runs and the cowboy boots were the reason, so I was trying to explain my struggle. I can’t out pace Carl Lewis in Cowboy boots. Not on a really hot day anyway. That’s that out of my system then. Short story long, eh? Not very interesting either so, apologies, BUT…this will help ladies that don’t have data and wear heels. 

The Apps YOU’LL Need!

If you’re visiting Las Vegas and you have a non-U.S. phone number, DON’T downoad these Apps UNTIL YOU LAND or you can lose out on savings. 

There is FREE Wi-Fi at the airport for you to use to download these

Codes YOU Need for Discounts!

Now, as promised, I have codes for you which will give you a nice little saving if it’s your first time using either. You might even get the entire first trip for free depending upon on how far you’re going.


Here are CODES for Discounts on your trips. 


Uber and Lyft at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

You must request the trip via the Uber or Lyft app first. You can’t hail Ubers and Lyfts like you can a taxi. Also, Taxis, Ubers and Lyfts have their pick up points, so there’ll be no hailing from you at the airport fullstop. You can “whoop whoop” though, as you’ve just landed in Las Vegas after all 😉 

If you’re travelling to Las Vegas from a country other than the U.S… DON’T download the Apps until you are in Las Vegas. YOU CAN USE the free wifi in the airport. 

Also, don’t use these Apps to book either Uber or Lyft UNTIL you are heading outside to the pickup point. You’ll be under un-necessary stress if you do. You should have your driver within 5 minutes or so, often quicker.

For Uber and Lyft, Terminal 1 passengers get picked up on Level 2M of the Terminal 1 parking garage. From Baggage Claim, take the elevator near door #2 up to level 2 and then cross the pedestrian bridge on level 2 to the Terminal 1 Parking Garage.

Terminal 3 passengers get picked up on the Valet level of Terminal 3 parking. From Baggage Claim, take the elevator near door #52, #54 or #56 up to level 1, then, cross the pedestrian bridge on level 1 to the Terminal 3 Parking Garage.

They’re quite clearly signed. You won’t miss them once you’re looking for them I would think, unless you’ve already had a few, in which case, go you! You’ll find your way. 🙂 Life, eh,…finds a way. As per Jeff Goldblum anyway. 

getting around las vegas- Las Vegas - You CAN Do It For LESS... Money-Saving And Trip Enhancing Tips By Shane Loves Vegas Available On Amazon Now

More reasons (of my own, but you might enjoy them) to use Uber and Lyft

First story…UBER (!) and this has a lovely ending! I was out in Red Rock at the resort with a friend, and it was going home time. I was staying in their house. My friend was booking the Uber and it took three attempts by us and the poor driver to get our act together location-wise. Not the drivers’ fault for sure. It was quite dark. The man must have been close to pulling his hair out which would have been a terrible shame as he has incredible hair, which he had to have, as it turned out that our driver sang for years, worldwide, and on the Strip, in a very famous show. We weren’t in the car long when we discovered this. Of course, with this, we had to ask him to sing for us, and he did! A few songs! Anyway, it was a fair old drive distance-wise, but not a second of it was boring, and to be honest, it was a pleasure to hear this man with his art. I think we got the guts of maybe four classics. We got to our destination and said our thanks and our goodbyes. Into the house, and my friend discovered that she’d lost her phone. We remembered that she’d had it in the car, so it was either still there in the Uber, or on the driveway, because it hadn’t been thrown out the window from what I had seen. Well it wasn’t on the driveway. We called the phone and it rang for a bit, no answer. We called it again later but it was off or dead. It was late. She’d expected it to be dead. Anyway, a brand new phone ($800 worth), lost, dead, and no way to contact the driver as the Uber had been booked on that phone. A bit of a disaster this. 

The next morning, on my phone, I saw that I’d received a message through Facebook Messenger from someone that I didn’t know. It was the driver from the night before! He’d found the phone! He told me that he went to answer it when we rang (he saw my name pop up as the caller) but it died. Then he went to the trouble of finding me on Facebook and called us to make arrangements to give the phone back. My friend was heading out to work, it was early in the morning, and so our wonderful driver said that he’d drop the phone to her work, going totally out of his way. So kind. Kind, genuine and honest, not to mention his singing abilities! Now folks…. if this isn’t a story to inspire trust in humanity and Uber drivers I don’t know what is. The phone was dropped back and I promised him that I’d do my best to ensure that his kindness and honesty was rewarded. I’m still trying. If you fancy being brought around by him, contact me and we’ll see if this is a runner. This man can sing and he’s quite famous to be honest. I’m keeping his identity secret for now until I get to chat to him again as he hasn’t been in the best of health. 

Second story (Lyft)

December 2017, I was at a party, anyway, it doesn’t matter, I probably give far too much background information, I just like to write folks, anyway… the time came that I had to go home (back to the Meridian where I was living for the last few months of 2017). I ordered a Lyft.  These Apps tell you who is bringing you before they arrive, which can be great security if anyone is worried about theirs. I got into the car and started chatting to the driver. I don’t know what I was talking about (when I get tired, I’m just gone, the energy is gone) but I’ll talk all sorts of nonsense at the best of times, just being friendly. It’s an Irish thing I think. We often like to chat. 

“You have a great accent!” the driver said, and you never get tired of people liking this accent we seem to be blessed with! I’m sure it’s not for many though. 

“Thanks” I said, “I’m from Dublin”.

“Ireland? I knew it”, she replied said back. Anyway, we got chatting and she said to me “you look like Liam Neeson”. Well that’s the first, and probably the last time I’ll ever hear that. That’s a hell of a compliment for me! A little unknown Liam fact…he was a triple champion boxer in Ireland years ago. I’m a sports fan so I know lots of useless information. 

“Thanks! I don’t know what to say to that”, I replied, obviously chuffed! I mean, I know he’s older than me, but he’s got a great presence, and so really, who wouldn’t be very ok with looking like Liam-O? In Ireland, when you’re familiar with someone, you’ll often add an “o” or an “er” to the end of their name, so often I’m Shane-o or Shaner. See, we’re all learning stuff here! I’ll “Irish-ify” your name for you if you contact me. Anyway, you’re here about getting around LV…

So it turned out that I’d chosen Lyft Line (which is a great option, you share the Lyft with another passenger or more than one other and you get your Lyft for even cheaper) which I tried a few times, to get it cheaper, as I wouldn’t have been in a great rush at 2am of a Sunday morning and didn’t mind if others were getting dropped off first as I’d get to know the place better. “Shane (the drivers know your name from the App), we’re picking up others on the way, you know that right?” I was asked. Uber do this too, it’s called Uber Pool. Both work out cheaper again if you’ll share the lift. Unless you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, I’d pool if I were you, you meet some very interesting people. 

“yeah, that’s cool” I replied.

“Will you pretend to be Liam Neeson to them?” she said, and then was to insist, even though I protested that I neither look like him, nor sound like him. “It doesn’t matter Shane” Denise said, “they won’t notice the difference in the accent. Do the Taken lines”.

“What? The, I don’t know who you are, ones?” I asked.

“Yep! Do you know them?” Denise asked.

“No, but I’ve watched it a couple of times” I said.

“Ok, I’ll get it on my phone, I’ll hide the phone and you can say them”. she demanded, nicely of course, and all for fun!

“Ok” I said “but I don’t think we’re going to fool them!”.

We pulled up at Encore, I think (I was really tired), and three girls got in the back. They barely had time to get seated when the lovely driver declared, “guess who you’re riding with tonight girls?”. (“Riding” in Ireland means something totally different than having a lift with). The girls hadn’t a clue but sounded excited!

“He’s Liam Neeson. The Irish guy from Taken” our driver said. 

That was enough! It was to start.

“NO way! NO WAY! Do the speech. Do the Taken speech!” one of the girls shouted.

“yeah, do the Taken speech!”, the other two piped up too, and with Denise encouraging them it was getting more inevitable that I’d have to make a show of myself.

Being exhausted I was hoping that they wouldn’t have. “Ah no, I don’t do that anymore” I said quite pathetically but definitely trying to save myself from the embarrasment I’d make of myself trying Liam’s accent.

“No, please do it” one of the girls asked.

“Oh, ok then” I gave in very easily but who wouldn’t have? It was just a great excuse to have fun, but I was nervous and exhausted, really zonked with tiredness and probably did the worst Liam Neeson impression ever. “I don’t know who you are….” and I made the speech. Apparently they loved it! I think that they knew that I wasn’t Liam but anyway they never said. One of them had video-d it on their phone and our driver had promised to get it for me and send it on to me. I got out of the Lyft exhausted, but totally entertained by the wonderful driver, my fellow passengers, and the way this lady runs her business! The next day I received the video and once I get back in touch with the driver, I’ll put it here for you, in all it’s “glory”. But remember… I never claimed that it was a good impression, just that it was fun in the early hours of the morning. To be honest, I sound incredibly boring in it but my voice was slurred from being exhausted. I’m never fully awake at 2am anyway! Denise, I hope you get to read this someday! You were the funnest Lyft driver I was lucky enough to travel with! If you want a Lyft with this lady, contact me and I’ll try and get in touch with her for you if she’s lyfting.

“Just one more thing”… as the great man (Columbo) used to say

One last thing to note…. no matter which company you take, Uber, Lyft, or if you take a taxi, please do not…. DO NOT get out on The Strip on the road. It’s highly dangerous. I did this with my friends wife, just at Caesars Palace, so you can have an idea where it is and well, we were lucky not to lose our lives and/or a limb or two. We had to climb over a railing on the side of the Strip to get onto the path/sidewalk. We both lived to tell the tale. Sorry to end this post on a dismal note but it’s not really dismal as we’re both alive, and I’m just here telling you how to get around Las Vegas whilst giving you options on how you might avoid dying whilst getting around. 

So, to sum up, my advice to you is, IF you want to save money getting around Las Vegas, use the Uber and Lyft cars, and also, use LyftLine or UberPool IF you want to save even more. You might even make new friends and maybe they’ll sing to you or record you singing. 😉 Either way, there’s probably gonna be some sort of singing! You’re in Las Vegas ffs. I curse a bit. Not too much. Many Irish people curse. Never meant in a bad way or to cause offense. l’ll do my best not to let it interfere with the articles. There are studies nowadays that show that cursing is a good thing in a person, in that they have a greater vocabulary so that’s interesting. So maybe I’m ok. I really get distracted very easily don’t I? If you made it this far, thanks! 🙂 

Oh, and again, here are the links for the Ubers and Lyfts that are going to save you money. 

Lyft –$5 OFF YOUR FIRST LYFT JOURNEY HERE  You must be new to Lyft and also you will need to use it within 15 days. 

Hope you’re having a good one!

If you know anyone that this might help, please feel free to share. 

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