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Here I have shared some most important : Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

No time to waste! queries answered so you can enjoy vegas!

Can I booze away in public?

Like on the Strip and outside? Of course, yep (!), but use a to-go cup and read on. You’re not allowed to carry glass containers on the Strip.  You can’t drink on the CAT (Citizens Area Transport) buses, nor can you eat or smoke on them. Also, no alcohol drinkin’ on the Monorail. You can’t drink within 1,000 feet of a church, synagogue, public or private school, hospital, substance-withdrawal-management facility, and homeless shelter. You CAN walk right into a casino with your drink but you CAN’T take your “outside” drink into bars or clubs. That’s that explained hopefully! 

I've another booze question. What age do I have to be?

We’ve only just started and already two booze questions! I like this! You have to be 21 and most likely you’re going to be asked for I.D. even if you’re 71.  

And gambling/gaming? What age for that?

21 too.

Back to booze! Is it true that I could really buy drink 24 hours around the clock in Las Vegas?

Haha! Yep! If you want to. You really love the sauce don’t you? Hard to blame you but it’s going to cost you a bit unless you’re clever about it. You should look at the Happy Hours and Reverse Happy Hours for sure (you can find them in the “DRINK” section) and also, if you’re partying hard, get some drinks for walking around with, and for your room, definitely for your room, from the supermarkets (there are plenty of them off the Strip) or Lee’s Discount Liquor is a good spot. I’d definitely be doing that if I were you. If you don’t fancy going to the supermarkets but could do with booze and/or food, cigarettes or what have you, being brought to you, use (not cheap but they do booze), (food and booze), (food), (food and pills for your headache, stomach etc), and (food). This will be invaluable when you have your crash day or just fancy a rest. Because clearly you’ll need a day to get yourself back into some sort of proper state as you’ve already asked me three drinking questions and I have lots of experience of feeling like this! 😉 

The Las Vegas Tunnel People. Are there really people living in the tunnels? Can I go in there?

Ok, hold your horses for a second before you go scooting down into the tunnels singing Mary Poppins numbers. There are 200 miles of Storm Drains running under the Strip and in the Valley. I lived beside one of them on a couple of occasions, and very often saw the “Tunnel People” (as the TV show called them, I’m not making up this term) coming and going. They slept in behind the bushes as well, outside the apartment block from what I could tell. The bushes were only a few feet away from the entrance that they used to the tunnels which was a ripped down fence. They never approached me so I left them be. I often wanted to give them something but apparently it’s against the law. That’s a tough law. I don’t like it. Why should a person be prevented from giving what could be considered to be a less fortunate man or woman, a gift of some sort? It’s not allowed though and that’s very sad. Many of these folks live in the tunnels because of mental illness, etc, and I would advise NOT going into them. There are estimated to be 1,000 people living there. Would you fancy being woken up by total strangers popping into your home uninvited? No, probably not. Especially if you’re not in the best of form. Live and let live. 

Earthquakes! What's the craic? (Pronounced "crack" in Ireland, meaning, "what's the story?" and not the drug. Totally lost in translation at times from Irish English to English. Maybe don't use this word too much unless you get a chance to explain what it means as you'll have a very confused and concerned audience).

The “craic” is actually the San Andreas Fault. Nevada is in third place of the states for frequency of earthquakes. Seismologists state that there’s roughly a 1 in 10 chance that an earthquake (of magnitude 6), one large enough to cause significant damage, will strike the valley in the next 50 years. It’s believed that the San Andreas Fault, if it produced an earthquake of 8 or more on the Richter scale could cause absolute chaos in Las Vegas, even with it being hundreds of miles away, and then there was one just yesterday in the Californian Desert, felt Downtown. Plus one July 5th, also California.

Can I take a photo in the Casino?

Good that you asked! Very nice manners! 🙂 Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. This is a tricky one. I’ve been stopped in the Wynn and Cosmopolitan taking pics before. In the Wynn, actually, nope, it was both in the Wynn and in Encore (Wynn’s sister hotel). In the latter, I was trying to get one of a Willy Wonka Machine. A quick one here. People go to Las Vegas, some to disappear, others for other reasons, and some just don’t want to be pictured gambling on Willy Wonka machines, and/or drinking, and/or smoking. In the Cosmopolitan, when I was stopped, it was explained to me, and the guy was totally cool with me taking pics of the Sharknado machine (this one was for you Joe, if you’re reading), ONCE there were no people that weren’t with me in it. Just be discrete, take your selfies, pics of your pals eating or drinking, posing with whatever it might be, but don’t take them of anyone gambling. Also, you can’t use your phone in the Sportsbooks. 

If I'm not staying in a Casino, can I still visit it?

Definitely, they’ll be delighted to have you!

What's the least expensive time to visit Las Vegas Shane?

December, the couple of weeks before Christmas. I’ve been there most Decembers over the last eleven years or so, more often than not. Great deals at this time including flights. July and August can be good too but very very hot. I go into this a bit further in the “Stay” section. After Christmas Eve though, prepare to pay through the nose with New Year’s Eve being the busiest night in Las Vegas. 

And what would be the worst time to go financially speaking?

New Year’s Eve. It’s incredibly crowded. If you don’t like crowds, I wouldn’t even think about it if I were you. Likewise Labour Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. Super Bowl can be very busy and when CES (Consumer Electronics Show – I can’t wait to go to this regardless) is in town, there can be big crowds. It can also be expensive when the Electic Daisy Carnival (June) and Life Is Beautiful (this has been on in April and October of different years) eventts are on as they can also put up prices. 

Prostitution. Is it legal in Las Vegas? I'm asking on behalf of this dude that I met in the pub a while ago. He he asked me to ask you as his uncle's friend's cousin's uncle's friend wants to know.

No. You can tell that dude in the pub that you “met a while ago”, to tell his uncle, to tell his friend, to tell their cousin, to tell their uncle, to tell his friend, that they’d have to venture outside Las Vegas. Phew! It’s like the end of that Crocodile Dundee film this, down in that subway station. That shouldn’t have been so difficult. Anyway, there are legal places further afield.  Google will find them. Google finds everything. 

Water, man! I'll be in the Desert, WOW! I'm actually bloody going!!! WOOHOO! What about water man?

You sound excited, YES! 🙂 Super! Stay that way! Water… Drink it, drink lots of it. Otherwise you might just collapse. I did one day from dehydration, anyway, that’s for another day. Again, drink lots of water. You’re in the Desert remember? For every alcohol drink, have a pint of water. Obviously I didn’t heed this myself many times but I wish that I had done. The booze can trick a man, and that’s part of how it works of course. Tapwater in Las Vegas, no, don’t drink much of it. If you’re only here for a few days, it’ll probably be fine. I’m not a Doctor though so it’s your call. Plenty of people with kidney stones in the city (high levels of magnesium and calcium). You can go to the local supermarkets and refill a gallon or so for less than 50c. 

Shane, I'm almost broke and need to keep some money but still, I want to buy booze and still enjoy my last few days in Las Vegas. How can I pay supermarket prices?

You’re cool! Do just that! You’re really answering your own question 😉 There are plenty of Supermarkets. 🙂 You’re a man/woman after my own heart as we say in Ireland. It means, we’re similar in this respect. There are Smith’s, Walmart’s and Albertson’s in large numbers close to most parts of the Strip. Just use your Uber or Lyft App and they’ll have you there in no time at all. I used to get ENORMOUS (1.75 litres from memory, which is tricky with this drink) bottles of Fireball for $18 or so at Albertson’s. Happy Daze indeed! 🙂 Also, get my guide and you’ll drink almost as cheaply if you do it right, and you’ll be in a bar/pub. 

I miss home a bit. I want to buy food from my own country. Are there any options? I really shouldn't have left home, should I?

Haha! You’re cool! It’s all good. Las Vegas has you covered. Go to the International Marketplace at 5000 S. Decatur Ave., near W. Tropicana. There’s also “99 Ranch Market” the Asian-specialty supermarket chain in Chinatown (Las Vegas has a Chinatown!) and it’s at W. Spring Mountain and Wynn Road. Oh, and for the Irish among you, Walmart sell Kerrygold butter. I think it’s about a fiver for half a pound, expensive yeah, but it’s Kerrygold in the Desert yo! 🙂 Make sure you can get it to the fridge quickly or things will get very melty very quickly and you could go on fire from the sun. You won’t go on fire. 

I might take a trip elsewhere too. What about Reno, Los Angeles and San Francisco, are they far away from Las Vegas?

Not really that far. Reno is 439 miles, LA is 270 miles and San Francisco is 569 miles, so you could be in any of them in an hour in a plane, well, maybe San Francisco can be just slightly over the hour at times. 

How many people live in Las Vegas? Lucky ducks!

On the 2016 figures, 623,747 but that’s just for the city. The Las Vegas metropolitan area has a population of over 2 million.

They get lots of tourists in Las Vegas, don't they?

Yeah they do! They had 39.01 million of us in 2018. Nice numbers those 🙂 

How much does an average hotel room cost in Las Vegas per night?

That’s a brilliant question! It’s a tinchy bit complicated however, and this is averaged across hotels of far different standards as regards quality and service. The Las Vegas Review Journal has figures on this. Across the board, the figure in January 2017 was $150.21 as the average cost per room per night, stay with me here, there’s more. This does NOT include resort fees, parking or taxes. When this is broken down further (again the resort fees, parking or taxes are not included), the average daily rate for the Strip hotels is $163.72 and for Downtown (Fremont), it’s far lower at $74.59. Not the ideal time to do this analysis as January has CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and New Years Day falls into the calculation but this gives you more of an idea. I’ll be helping you to try to dodge these prices obviously, as I’m really not keen on paying those higher amounts when they can be avoided with a bit of planning and looking around. 

Ok, what about the heat, is it really hot?

June to August is very hot. June to August average a high of 39.33 celsius, which is just shy of 103 F. It can get higher as this is the average high for these months. Over the entire year, the average monthly is 27.5 celsius, which is 81.5 F. In winter, around Halloween to Valentine’s Day, you should bring a jacket with you. For an Irish or UK person, you won’t need it most of the time in Winter, but bring it regardless as there would be times that you’ll wear it for sure. You’ll need sunscreen most of the year. Factor 30 at least. Also, sunglasses (with UV coating) and a hat woudn’t do you any harm either. 

I love people watching whilst I'm eating and/or having more booze, any ideas for me?

Haha! Of course! Mon Ami Gabi is my first stop if it’s people watching and grub. It’s at Paris opposite the Bellagio. You’ll need a patio seat though. I probably go on a lot about Mon Ami Gabi, but to be fair to me, I love it and if I didn’t tell you about it, then what would be the point in me putting this site together for you guys? Other places? Ok then! Of course! PBR at the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood, oh, there’s Cabo Wabo Cantina there too, same area, Miracle Mile. Elsewhere, Rhumbar at The Mirage is very relaxing PLUS you’ll be looking at a Volcano too! Cool, eh? Oh, hold on….this is cool, O’Shea’s at the Linq, if you sit outside, you’ll see lots of folk meandering around Linq Promenade, this is great people watching too. They’ve let me bring over food from Gordon Ramsey Fish n Chips (just under a minutes walk away) and sit there eating it with friends before. Just ask the bar person beforehand, but they were very accommodating to me regarding that, and it was great to just sit there, chilling out with fish n chips. You might do that. I’d like to do that again. 

I'm coming to America, a bit like Eddie Murphy (without the wealth and Arsenio Hall), from another country, and I'm worried about data charges on my phone. Is there free wifi in Las Vegas? I'm going to turn off my data as I've been warned.

That’s a great call! Turn off your data AND your roaming BEFORE you land in the U.S. I can only speak as regards the data charges that we get charged in Ireland when we travel in America, and unless you’re sure of hitting the jackpot, or you’ve got a kid that’s going to play professional football (and is generous) or you’re quite keen on re-mortgaging your property when you go home, turn these things OFF (I’m shouting here aren’t I? It’s for your own good, trust me!). I’ve had a couple of bills that I wish I hadn’t got. I don’t think there’s a casino without wi-fi for you to use. The only real times that I couldn’t get free wifi was when outside a casino, restaurant or bar on the street/sidewalk. You’ll be grand. Just turn off mobile data and your roaming. I’ve warned you now, up to you muchacho! Oh yeah, McCarran (the airport) has it free too, and whilst we’re here at the airport, upon landing, remember as per elsewhere on the site, this is when you will first download the Uber and Lyft Apps on your phone to help you get around IF you haven’t used them before. I have codes that will get you moolah off your journey, and will save you quite a bit overall if you’re moving around, so pop here when you want them. Madness to use taxis instead, sheer madness. I’ve covered this is depth for you in the “Getting Around” section. Just DO NOT use taxis if you’re in the money saving game. 

I haven't a rashers (a clue) about gambling, and I'm off to Las Vegas very soon. How can I sort this? Should I cancel the trip? I think I might be having a panic attack.

You’re not having a panic attack, you’re totally cool! In fact you sound sort of like me on my first trip to Las Vegas, so believe me, these are normal feelings and you are A1A Beechfront Avenue OK! Because I was (as soon as I landed). If you’re really not, please talk to your Doc or a Doc, as again, as per other places on this site, unfortunately I’m not medically qualified to help you, but from here, you’re fine/grand/all good. First things first, you do not have to gamble. Also, I’m not really a gambler (I will the odd time, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, there’s a game at the Wynn that I like too, it may be called Red 8?. They have a great Asian restaurant there by that name so I think that’s what this game is called too, lovely food, not exactly cheap though) but I do know that there are many casinos that offer free-lessons. You’ll be cool! Here you go, save you looking them up as I can tell you’re a bit stressed out, but again, you’re fine! Boulder Station, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Gold Coast, Golden Nugget, Luxor, Palms, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Rampart Casino at The Resort at Summerlin, Strat (formerly The Stratosphere) and Tropicana.

Is Las Vegas safe?

Well I’ve had my jaw broken in two by a lunatic (with a huge bill after being in three hospitals and surgery. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AND TRAVEL INSURANCE), so I’d probably be a prime candidate to tell you that it’s not safe, but in the main it is.  As with everywhere, you need to keep your eyes open. If you stay on the Strip or Fremont (Downtown) you should be fine. Don’t do the side streets especially when it’s dark, they can be sketchy for sure. Stay alert in the car parks. Don’t buy water or those VIP passes off the street vendors on the Strip, and those last two points aren’t entirely relevant to what you asked, but it’s good for you to know. The water bottles have been refilled from taps is what I’m being told. On the Strip, I’ve been offered new iPhones and high end laptops amongst other things. Just don’t do it. You know why yourself. Karma and goodwill to others. Be aware of pick pockets too. The pick pockets will watch you at the ATM (cash machine) and in Souvenir Stores to watch where you keep your wallet/purse. Then they will try to bump you (and then pick pocket you or have an accomplice do it) or sell you something by waving it in your face. That three card monte game you see being played on the Strip too, avoid that. 

What's going on with these resort fees? What are they, and do I "have" to pay them?

I covered this in the “Stay” section so I’m going to copy and paste this as I don’t want to lower my energy with thoughts of these, BUT you DO NEED to KNOW about this. They don’t sit well with me (at all) to be fair and so I’m really not a fan as you’ll probably tell. 

Filthy, filthy dirty words these. When I first started going to Las Vegas, this wasn’t a thing at all. I don’t like the practice, not at all, but it’s here in full-flow and it’s pretty much unavoidable, except in certain resorts IF you take a very expensive upgrade and that’s not always the case either. If you’re booking a room and the resort fee isn’t mentioned, the likelihood is that the first you’re going to know of it, is when you get hit with it as you check out of the hotel. Bit shitty eh? Bad enough being hit with it, but on the last day? Naw. There are very very few Las Vegas hotels without the resort fee and the charge is from (these figures are WITHOUT tax and PER day) $8.95 (El Cortez, it’s Downtown) to $45 (Venetian and Palazzo). So in practice, if you’re staying five nights at The Venetian or The Palazzo, you’ll be paying $225 in resort fees plus tax when you checkout. Both incredibly beautiful resorts it must be said, albeit at the higher $45 side on the resort fee.

The resort fee generally covers:

Free internet access, a Daily Newspaper, Free boarding pass printing and free local phone calls. Sometimes gym or spa access. To note, and for fairness, both The Venetian and The Palazzo (sister hotels) offer two guests access to Canyon Ranch SpaClub (it’s really top notch!) as part of the resort fee, the other bonuses just mentioned, and one two-for-one drink coupon for well drinks, domestic beer, or wine at any casino bar excluding the pool decks. So this resort fee isn’t all bad BUT I’d prefer the choice if it was down to me as I’m really not cool with paying $45 plus tax extra per night unless I’m getting a super deal. I’m not going to pay it if I can avoid it. It’s not a practice I can align with. 

now….THIS IS COOL! LISTEN UP TO THIS… If you play the Wynn Slots App, you can get up to four free nights in the Wynn (an outstanding hotel casino resort), and if you’re travelling with someone, have them do the same and suddenly you have eight nights, and currently, they are NOT charging RESORT FEES on these offers. 

What's the best way to get to my hotel from the airport?

I’ve a large piece written on this in “Getting Around” and covered it above in another question, but again, the long and the short of it, is use Uber and Lyft. If you haven’t downloaded these apps previously, only do it when you get to America (if you’re coming from abroad) and I have some codes for you to use that will save you some dolla dolla billz. Click HERE. Alternatively, if your hotel offers a shuttle, you could get that. Do NOT get a taxi. That’s simple enough. IF you do decide, “screw this Shane, I’ve had a long flight, I just want to get to my hotel” and get a taxi, DO NOT let them take the tunnel. Use Google Maps and know the roads that you want to take. If you tell them (the taxi drivers) the route, by law they must take it. There are some free shuttles but not really to the major hotels, although Harrah’s and The Orleans have them. There are other shuttles from Bell Trans. They fit 24 passengers. This is a Share-A-Ride service and you will be sharing the vehicle with up to twenty-four other travelers and may stop between 3 to 5 hotels before reaching your destination. Direct transportation to your hotel or airport is NOT guaranteed.  The cost is $15 to $18 for a round trip. Maybe not the best bet for you. I’d prefer to use Uber or Lyft, but just giving you your options of course. 

I'd like to bring my pet to Las Vegas. Is there anywhere that we can stay together?

Cool, that’s nice! I won’t bring Dolly Donuts (my doggie), the flight would be too difficult from Ireland for her. Here’s what I know as regards pet friendly hotels. I’m going to give you some of the bigger ones here. Trump, Cosmopolitan, Four Seasons, Vdara, Delano, Linq, Flamingo, Mirage and lots of the less famous ones. You ought to check first though as I’m not an expert on this matter having never brought a pet overseas. IF you’re bringing your pet doggie in the hot weather of the summer, buy the little one some dog shoes as the sidewalk will burn their paws and no one should put their pet through that. Funny the things that we might not think of, eh? I hadn’t even considered this being from a colder country but this is definitely a thing. 

I'm very keen to go shopping. What are my options?

Well, where do I start with that? There are so, so many places. Las Vegas is a shopping Mecca. I’ll do a piece on this again but just to give you something quickly right now. If I was shopping the places that I’d go to would be Las Vegas North Premium Outlets (the CAT bus will get you here for the least cost), Fashion Show Mall (opposite the Wynn) and the Forum Shoppes at Caesar’s Palace, the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood and The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. There are many more but that’s for another day. You should sign up to the Premium Outlets site BEFORE going there and you’ll get so many coupons off what are already great prices. IF you haven’t data on your phone (I’m thinking of those who are travelling into America with a foreign mobile provider), the wifi can be patchy at the North Premium Outlets so in this case print your coupons at home or they might let you do it at the hotel if you ask nicely, I’d do it at home though to make sure I’d done it, and anyway, who wants to trawl around a hotel looking for a printer? This is good holiday/vacation time! 

I'm quite wary after hearing stories of huge ATM fees for withdrawing money in the Casinos.

That’s cool and you’re dead right to be. Bit of advice for you here. First, unless you absolutely have to, do NOT use the ATM’s etc in the hotels and casinos as they tack on some serious charges. Some of the machines have $6 charges and that’s just the immediately visible stuff. If you need to withdraw money, I’d go to one of the banks to do this. Also, when you’re shopping etc, some ATMs or POS (point of sale) terminals (they are the machines that the staff in the shop get you to insert your card in, or tap your card on), they might ask you whether you would like to complete the transaction ‘with conversion’ or ‘without conversion’, you should ALWAYS choose ‘without conversion’. There’s no further debate on that one. Also, you could use a Revolut card. More on that another day. 

I've an absolute belter of a hangover, and/or I just fancy doing nothing for the day and recovering in my room. I really don't want to leave it, BUT I'm in no state to deal with the public, and I really don't want to pay room service prices for food, and I just might need a little drinky to sort my head out, and then maybe I'll get it together and go out later. I can't write this question any further. I'm in pain Shane. That actually rhymes, doesn't it (?) or is it my head (?) and I understand that I'm making demands here. Please help me!

Hahahahahaha! This is very like me with a hangover! I have you sorted on many levels if you can read this with your headache that is. You don’t believe me? Ok, this is what you do. For pain relief for your headache or stomach use Postmates (click HERE) as they’ll get you non-prescription medication if you need it. Also, you can use Postmates to order from all sorts of food outlets and stores from them. Smoothies, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Denny’s, Subway, Carl’s Jr, Fatburger, White Castle, McDonald’s, 7Eleven Convenience Stores, and really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can sign up here. 


Booze? You want booze too? Is that what you’re telling me? Didn’t you have enough last night already? Just messing with your hangover. Haha, I know, it’s ok, coolio, you’re in Vegas, of course you’re right! 🙂 Ok, just wait a second though. I want to make sure that you’re getting fed first.  You could use (click HERE) or for your booze. 

Back to food, if you haven’t found what you need on Postmates, you could use UberEats (click HERE), GrubHub (click HERE) or DoorDash (click HERE) .

Should I tip in Las Vegas? If so, how much would be considered appropriate?

Yes, Las Vegas runs on tips. A quick rule – DON’T tip with chips (it’s actually breaking the law, gambling chips that is, not potato chips. I don’t know the legality of tipping with potato chips). Similarly with the cashout tickets from the machines, some casinos are ok with their staff receiving them but in general, don’t. You could be putting them in a position where they might be suspected of taking it from a machine. Use cash, it’s much more straight-forward and no one ends up in front of a judge. 

    • Hotel Bus/Shuttle Driver – Give them two or three dollars. If there’s a few of you or more, a dollar per passenger and a dollar per bag will work. 
    • Taxis, Lyfts and Ubers – As mentioned elsewhere on the site, don’t take taxis if you can get an Uber or a Lyft. That’s not your question though. 20% here is a nice tip, even if it’s a taxi. If they’re hustling you to bring you somewhere else, you shouldn’t give them anything. 
    • Valet Parking Attendants – $2 to $3 dollars.
    • Bellman – $1 or $2 per bag. If they wait, take your bag from you upon arrival, and wait for you to check-in and go to your room with you, give them a bit more if you can afford it. 
    • Front Desk Clerk/Receptionist – Try the $20 trick for a complimentary upgrade. More on this in the “Stay” section. Basically, you’re sandwiching a $20 between your credit/debit card and your id at check-in and asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available. Some folks believe that the best time to try this is 5pm to 6pm (for me, it’s worked at night-time), and if you have a birthday, anniversary, etc, to mention at the same time, all going well, they might just be able to take care of you.  I received a HUGE basket of fruits, chocolate, and snacks for my birthday from the Mirage one time. 
    • Housekeeper – $2 to $3 per night is good. Leave a note to say thanks for cleaning the room or they won’t take it. The staff working on Sunday’s get the most tips as that’s when most folks check out, so try to do it every day instead, as the staff during the week might not be working on the Sunday. If they bring something to you, tip them for this too, $2 minimum is good. 
    • Room Service – it’s often built in with a service charge on your bill. If not, 10 to 15% is more than enough as there isn’t a great deal of work involved.
    • Comped Meal (Complimentary Meal) – 15% to 20% will do. 
    • Cocktail Service/Bar tender – A dollar per drink, more if you like, or 15% to 20% of the bill if you can. If the experience is good, treat them likewise, 15% to 20% is perfect.  
    • Buffet – $2 to $3 if you’re on your own. If there are two of you $5 is cool between you. Servers get to keep their own tips as far as I know. 
    • You’ve hit the jackpot! – 1% for the smaller amounts ($1,000 or so) and 0.5% if they are a bit larger. 
    • Casino Host – some aren’t allowed to take tips or gifts. If they are, put it in a thank you envelope, it can be an Amazon giftcard (you can get one by clicking HERE if you like) or something similar. Maybe something for their partner or their kids. This is acceptable, once they are allowed. 
    • Limo Driver – $20
    • Curbside Porter – these are independent contractors (not airline employees). You don’t have to avail of their service. If you do, $2 for first bag and $1 for each subsequent bag. If they are oversized, $2

If these, Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) might help your family or your friends, please feel free to share 🙂

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