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Las Vegas Flights – Don’t be too fussy!

Las Vegas flights can come in all sorts of prices. The main thing is not to be too fussy as regards the airline unless they aren’t providing things that you’d 100% expect or if they’re adding on extras that you wouldn’t consider right. Otherwise, they’re just getting you from A to B, some a little bit fancier than others.

Don’t always fly direct

With Las Vegas flights, you can often save money by traveling from a different airport. Do a reverse search. Go to Skyscanner and choose “Everywhere” as the departure, and “Las Vegas” as the arrival airport.

Early morning and late-night flights are cheaper

With Las Vegas flights, that’s just the way things are.

Be flexible with your route as regards connecting flights

If it takes an extra hour but saves you $40 or so on the flight, is it worth it to you? This will depend on your salary I suppose, but to many people, taking an extra hour getting to where they’re going an hour later, and to save $40, yeah that’s going to be cool. It’s always best though if that extra time is spent in the air, as when you’re on the ground in the airport, waiting on a connecting flight, there are going to be so many distractions waiting for your money. Food, drinks, and then there are the shops. Best to be waiting on flights in between for as little time as possible in this regard, but of course, not with such a short connection as to put you in danger of missing your flight.

Fly during the week

With Las Vegas flights in mind, it’s nearly always cheaper to fly during the week than the weekend PLUS hotels are cheaper during the week in Las Vegas too, much cheaper!

Fly when others aren’t

For Las Vegas flights, late Autumn and Winter in Las Vegas are normally times when you’ll get very good flight deals to Las Vegas. There are also times that you’ll get great hotel rates (except New Year’s Eve obviously, when you’ll be absolutely robbed). Also, I’ve often seen great prices for flights to and from Las Vegas in July and August but obviously, you’ll need to be very wary of the heat at that time of the year.

Search for your Las Vegas flights using SkyScanner.Net or Momondo

These are flight search aggregator sites that will help you find the cheapest, quickest, best, and fastest flights. Prices can differ a little, and in either site’s favor at times, so there’s no outright winner here for me although I’ll admit that I’m more familiar with Skyscanner so clearly I’ve been using that more often. The one that I’ve built in above, well those prices are very hard to beat. If you need a hand, drop me a note and I’ll help. If I find you a great deal, let me put an affiliate link on it if I can. It won’t change your flight prices but will possibly get me a few dollars for my time. It might, it might not, I’ll help you for free anyway.

Las Vegas Flights – You can search Skyscanner by “cheapest month”

With this trick, you get to see all the flight prices for each day of the month and you can look at as many months as you like. You simply go to the site, I’d choose from Dublin to Las Vegas, you pick your own city obviously. Then where it asks for the date, you simply choose “whole month” and then “cheapest month”. There you go, enjoy! That’s definitely going to save you money 🙂

Use the tracking facility in Skyscanner for Las Vegas flights

To get them to email you price increases/decreases for certain dates that you’d like to go. It’s quite exciting getting the emails with the rises and falls. Definitely a nice way to keep an eye on your flight dates without booking them straight away.

There’s an app called Hopper…

They’ll show you the analysis and track your flight dates for you. This is a handy one to look at.

When you get the price that you’re happy with…

From whichever site it happens to be, always check the flight price against the site of the airline itself. If it’s not the same on the airline’s site, see if they’ll price match it for you as it’s more beneficial for you to book with the airline rather than a third party. If something goes wrong, it’s best if you book directly with the airline, whether that’s online or by phone is up to you. If there’s a delay, a cancelation, or if you need to make a change to the booking (third parties often charge for this and some airlines do too), for any of these reasons, you’re best having booked directly. You’ll also be able to collect frequent flyer miles.

Now, get yourself to Vegas! What are you waiting for? 🙂

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