Almost 100 Great Deals For Grub And Booze in Vegas

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Almost 100 Places with Great Deals for Grub and the Demon in Las Vegas

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las vegas visitors guide - Free Guide - Almost 100 Places With Great Deals For Grub And The Demon In Las Vegas

This is a guide with almost 100 Bars and Restaurants, and Bar Restaurants and Restaurant Bars. I’ve eaten and or/drank in the majority of them. The ones that I haven’t yet, they’re in the guide because because I’ve been recommended to go there by a local or two as they enjoyed them, and they have a great deal. There are happy hours and reverse happy hours listed for many. I enjoyed compiling this, it gave me so many memories, and had me heading to the fridge numerous times what with thinking about food, and so, what do you what what, I hope you enjoy reading it, and that it gives you great ideas for what you could eat and drink. Oh, and to save you plenty of money too! That’s obviously da big oi-dee-a (phonetic Dublinese – the big idea). 

The guide was assembled in Spring 2019 

NOTE: If you’re reading this, and you work in one of the Bars or Restaurants mentioned, and if you believe that I need to update an item or a price, please contact me and I’ll happily sort that.

Just before you read the guide remember, there are some quite simple ways to save money on food and drink in Las Vegas outside of the deals that you’re about to read.

1) Obviously as per my guide, go to Happy Hours and Reverse Happy Hours (later in the evening from 9pm, depending on the place, I’ve listed a good few) for food and drinks

2) Find coupons for restaurants and bars. You should be able to get some when getting your players card in the casinos (you can get cards in all casinos) and pick up a Vegas2Go magazine, as they normally have coupons. They’re in most food stores, sometimes in cabs, or your concierge should be able to direct you to the magazine.  

3) Buffets can be great value. Of course ideal for those that might only eat once per day. They can lack a bit in flavour at times, I find though. Saying that, The Buffet at Wynn is special. You could save money on these buffets by having them included in your hotel deal or if you can’t, then perhaps you might go in and pay for a very late breakfast (breakfast price) and you’ll be there when the lunch food comes around, or go in (very late) and pay for a lunch and you’ll be there when the more expensive dinner buffet comes on. Cheeky? For sure it is! 😉

4) Play the penny slots slowly in the casino and the waitresses will be with you to offer you a free drink. If you intend hanging around there for a while, getting maybe a drink each time, 5 times or so, tip a fiver for the first one and the waitress will get back to you quite quickly for the second round. I’d give a couple of dollars for each then or a dollar if money was tight. Much MUCH cheaper than you’ll pay in the clubs, and you could always do this pre-club if you liked.

5) I’ll have many more deals for you here if you want them. I’m hand-picking these.

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