How To Search For A Las Vegas Hotel

How To Search For A Las Vegas Hotel – My Personal Experience 


A quick yet wide search for a Las Vegas hotel

I’m going to show you how you might search for a hotel in Las Vegas, and be comfortable that you’ve got a very good price. This is the very least I’d do as regards finding the best price in the shortest time possible. I’ll do a video at some point but for those that like to read, this should do the job.

TODAY is Wednesday February 27th 2019 and I’m going to do two searches here, both are for a 7 night stay. The first thing that you’d do before you search for prices is to have a quick look at the hotels in Las Vegas and their reviews so you can pick out some to zone in on. 

I’ve done two searches, both for excellent hotels, and to note, at different times of the year, these hotels will be cheaper. The Bellagio search (the second one, is seven to eight months away from today, so right now won’t be the cheapest time to book this, regardless, I did a search on it as many people will very happily book a hotel 7 to 8 months ahead of their visit. Me, I’ll do it a few months prior normally or sometimes on the day itself with the HotelTonight App. If I were you, and if I had time on my side, I’d also be playing the Wynn Slots App and the MyVegas App with the possibility of getting some or all of the stay for free. Download them here, and then read on. 

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The FIRST SEARCH – The Mirage

The first search, The Mirage, is 7 weeks away today, to be exact, it’s April 17th to 24th 2019 (7 nights, double room) and again, the Bellagio one is for October 2nd to October 9th 2019. Also, the Mirage booking is a busy time (as is October for the Bellagio) so this isn’t a terrible price.

I decided to look at prices for The Mirage. The Mirage is a beautiful 4 star hotel casino on the Strip that you can’t really go wrong staying in. 

  • I started by looking on the Mirage site itself first. 
  • Then I’d always check Trivago (these guys search north of 250 sites, including sites like Expedia, Priceline, and
  • I’d always check Hotelscombined too (another great aggregator site like Trivago)
  • I checked the HotelTonight App also but they weren’t selling rooms at the Mirage unforturnately. 
  • NOTE: On both this search and search 2 below (Bellagio) I have also checked the Google Hotel Prices. They weren’t in the running price-wise so I’ve omitted them to keep this piece as short and as uncomplicated as possible. 

You’ll suddenly find that you’re doing three comparisons but in truth, you’re doing so much more than that as Trivago and Hotelscombined are aggregator sites, which means that they’ll be checking hundreds of others including,, expedia, roomdi, travelup, anoma, ebooekers, travelrepublic, agoda, otel, amongst so many more so it’ll be difficult to beat this search. 

DATES: April 17th to April 24th 2019 (7 nights)

ROOM TYPE: Resort King

HERE are the results in order (ALL include taxes and resort fees – BE VERY CAREFUL to check that these are included PRIOR to any booking): comes in at $1,249.45

On Trivago (aggregator site), the site TravelUp (great reviews on TrustPilot of 8.8/10 with 54,663 reviews as of today, February 27th, 2019, so we’re cool) was $958.55 

On HotelsCombined (aggregator site), the site Otel.Com was $1,186.27

FINDINGS HERE… Trivago won by providing us the TravelUp price as it had the best deal $958.55 and came in $290.90 cheaper than Mirage.Com and $227.72 cheaper than the second best price which was the Otel.Com one of $1,186.27. 

The SECOND SEARCH -The Bellagio

The second search, I went to look for  prices for The Bellagio. I’m not going to mention anything about the Bellagio here as I think most know that The Bellagio is a Top-Notch 5 star hotel casino in the centre of the Strip. 

I continued with my process and looked in this order.

  • Bellagio own site first, Bellagio.Com
  • Then Trivago 
  • Then Hotelscombined
  • Due to this being more than 100 days away I was unable to check HotelTonight for these dates.
  • As with the first search, I also checked Google Hotels on this one but they couldn’t compete on this price-wise either. 

DATES: October 2nd to October 9th 2019 (7 nights)

ROOM TYPE: Resort Tower King

HERE are the results in order (ALL include taxes and resort fees – BE VERY CAREFUL to check that these are included PRIOR to any booking): comes in at $2,518.17

On Trivago (aggregator site), the site TravelUp (again great reviews on TrustPilot of 8.8/10 with 54,663 reviews as of today, February 27th, 2019, so we’re cool) was $1,922.78

On HotelsCombined (aggregator site), the site Agoda was cheapest on their platform at $2193.69 and included two buffets but still more expensive than TravelUp provided by Trivago.

FINDINGS HERE… Trivago won again with TravelUp at $1,922.78 being a HUGE $595.39 cheaper than AND being $270.91 cheaper than Agoda (although Agoda did have 2 FREE Buffets, it was still more expensive in the long run) 


These were quite simple searches (with these two hotels just chosen as examples, you can do this with any Las Vegas hotels) I go far more in-depth with searching but I wanted to show you a quick simple method (if you have a firm idea of the hotel that you want) that will cover as many sites as quickly as possible by including two massive aggregator sites (Trivago and Hotelscombined) and the comparison to the hotels own site. Now, also to note, the hotels own sites in these examples, Mirage and Bellagio will match prices found on other sites so you could, and if you have a players card for the hotel casino in question (or will get one when you get there), you could call them and get them to match the price and thus hopefully get rewarded in the future. The worst that can happen is that they say no. They will probably say yes though, as they get their money immediately and don’t have to wait to receive it from another site, like TravelUp, Otel or Agoda in these examples. Up to you of course. Just a few tips. Also to note, incase it looks like the aggregator sites will always be cheaper than the hotels own sites, this isn’t solid fact, as the hotels own site can be cheaper, just not in these examples. 

YOU NEED TO CHECK A FEW SITES, is the motto here AND ensure that you factor in the taxes and resort fees IF the site hasn’t made this clear. IF they haven’t, YOU can get a nasty surprise upon checking out.  

If you want to know more about how you can do this yourself with many more tips, click HERE.

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