Compare my hotel deal Shane

Compare My Deal!

“Hey Shaner, I’ve found the hotel that I want to stay in, BUT… I’d like YOU to make sure that I’ve got the best deal that I can. Can you do a search for me?”

Ok then! I’ll compare it for you. This will be fun for me and totally risk-free for you. Put me to work!

You’ve found your hotel and you’re fine with the dates. Right. Can it be bought cheaper? 

Here’s the deal. I’ll look it up. You’ll need to be committing to this, however. If I can’t find it cheaper, that’s fine by me, and I’ll have given you my time at no cost to you. 

If I find it cheaper (and I’m confident that I will), same room and hotel, same dates, then you can use the links that I send you, we’ll agree a fair fee based on what I save you. That’s it, we both win.

Again, please only fill out this form if you are committed to staying in the hotel you’re choosing, and on the dates that you’re giving me, as I’ll be spending my time on it for you.

So, send me these details, leave them with me for a little bit and I’ll get back to you with my findings. If there’s a saving, I’ll send you a request for it by PayPal or Stripe, whichever you like, and then I’ll shoot over the link to you. You’ll be placing the booking yourself from the link that I send you.

Sound good? Of course it is! Nothing to lose and money to save! You’ll win, and you’ll help me keep the site afloat too, so thanks for this 🙂  


If a price comparison for a Las Vegas Hotel might help your family or your friends, please feel free to share. 

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