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The Village Pub and Cafe

Yo! This post on The Village Pub and Cafe (at Ellis Island) is about booze and food and other related topics. Just in case you came here through the drink section or the food section and weren’t sure what the story was with this one.
Steak Deal at Ellis Island Las Vegas - Village Pub and Cafe

Well so, is it the cheapest steak in Las Vegas? It’s the cheapest that I’ve found (if you find one cheaper let me know, but at this price I don’t think we’re going to argue over a couple of dollars) and it’s very good for the price! PLUS it comes with soup or salad!

I lived just a couple of minutes walk from this place at the Meridian on Koval and East Flamingo, only yards away from where Tupac had his life taken, and it was the first place I ever had food in Las Vegas. That was in December 2008, my first night in Las Vegas, staying at Paris, went for a walk with friends, we got a little lost (but not really as it’s only a few minutes walk from the Strip) and ended up here. I kept going back because if you’re looking for a good value feed of any type, but definitely of a low-priced steak, then this is the one for you. 

Ellis Island is on Koval Lane and it’s just behind Paris and Bally’s so that you can get your bearings. It’s a hotel, casino and micro-brewery and get this, EVERY day that there’s football on (American football) the 20 ounce Ellis Island craft beers are only $1! On Sunday this can be the majority of the day. Can you get buzzed cheaper in Las Vegas? Yeah but probably only if you’re getting it for free.  I used to drink their IPA, it was tasty! I never really drank for the taste, just for the buzz, as most drinks with booze didn’t really do it for me but I did love their IPA. The craft beers of theirs, they are an absolute steal at $2.25 the rest of the time I believe AND ALSO it’s ONLY $5 for wings, sliders or a hot dog and fries during the NFL games. Very hard to beat, and the dollar beers are also on offer for the Las Vegas Golden Knights Ice Hockey games, who play nearly every second night. I believe this price starts two hours before the game…..BUT back to the steak….$7.99 TOP SIRLOIN STEAK SPECIAL!!! Available all day, every day! 10 oz, Filet-Cut, Top Sirloin Steak, served with your choice of potato or rice, garlic green beans and home-made soup or salad. I get it with the baked potato and normally soup (depending on which one is on that day). Melt a nice bit of butter on the spud (it’s a HUGE potato!), season it with salt and pepper and then pile on the sour cream… SO SO GOOD! I’m a big spud fan if you didn’t know already…well I am from Ireland, so OBVS people! To get the deal though…. Please read to the end as you’ll need a Players card and that’s easy to get. It’ll only take a few minutes out of your day. 

Now, the first time there, it was very troublesome for me to understand the poor waiter’s accent, and apparently for him, mine, from the carry on that we had. Super Salad is what I heard. “yeah, what’s that?” I said never having heard of a super salad before. I thought it might just be an enormous salad with extra surprises. He repeated himself then and you could tell that he was tired. “Yeah, Super Salad, what is that?” I said. At this point, the people with me (my ex-work colleagues) were laughing. I wasn’t getting it, not at all and had no idea what they were laughing at but that wasn’t bothering me. It was past 3am, this was probably too much for the poor guy and yeah for me, my brain had long gone to sleep. “No sir, it’s a choice, soup or salad” he said. “aha!” I said. “I’m so sorry, I’d no idea. I got confused. What’s the soup? I think I’ll have soup”. Anyway, next table over got flipped up and over at the exact same time by a lady who was clearly very angry with the guy she was sitting beside. Everything went up in the air. A huge lone potato made it’s way onto the floor closeby and it stayed there for the duration of our meal. Now, this isn’t to put Ellis Island down because I love the place, it’s just, well, there’s probably no need to mention the potato but I have now so I’ll just leave it there, like it was at that moment. I don’t believe that the waiter saw it, and he’d probably just about had enough, what with me not understanding his clear (for him) English and the tip from the upturned table possibly not making it’s way into his pocket that evening. Anyway…back to the steak…. you should go for this. For sure you should! Have it in the Karaoke bar, I think that’s the only place you can have it bar (pardon the pun) the restaurant. The bar in the centre of the casino (it’s a small casino), I’m not so sure that they serve food at that, I’ve only drank at that bar a couple of times but the Karaoke one, dozens of times and it’s more comfy too.  

LASTLY on the steak… well on the soup that comes with it….. GO ON A FRIDAY for the most delicious White Clam Chowder soup. Well I’d never had Clam Chowder soup anywhere else before so I can’t compare it with anywhere BUT I can tell you this, it’s bloody beautiful, wonderfully creamy AND the locals keep coming back for it, so that’s probably the best sign that you need.

The staff are really nice. I had the pleasure of being served by Shannon and Eugene at different times. Really nice people! There’s a lovely English lady working there for years too and she has put the football (soccer) on for me when I needed it. I just can’t remember her name at this moment. I’m the very worst with names. Her voice is unforgettable though, a heavy accent. Seriously good fun though and I’ve never seen her in bad form. 

Finally…. To get this steak deal….YOU DO NEED to sign up for a players card (it’s FREE) to get this for $7.99. Actually, to be totally accurate….. the soup or salad and steak deal is $9.99 with the players card (still a total bargain) and if you gamble a fiver you’ll get it for $7.99. We’re not going to argue over $2 are we? Also…. if you’re keen on desserts, there’s a decent cheesecake IF you can fit more in. That’s nice but not exceptional, and no more than a fiver. 

Stay after the game for karaoke or singing blackjack dealers. There’s a really good Elvis there. Gary is his name. I think he performs on a Friday and Saturday at 5pm and he definitely worth seeing. There’s a Shakira impersonator too. 

Getting Hungry? Here are ideas! 🙂 


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