Man with crazy red and yellow sunglasses, and really long grey-blue hair rocking out to music. The Rock and Metal Bars and Clubs in Las Vegas

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Are you looking for a place to rock out and get wild? Look no further than the rock and metal bars and clubs in Las Vegas that specialize in metal music.

From Club Madrid to Counts Vampd, these venues offer something special for all fans of rock and metal. With their excellent staff services, great food, and fun atmospheres, you’ll be liberated from your everyday life.

So come on down and experience the juxtaposition of Vegas’s legendary nightlife with its rockin’ bands!

Club Madrid

You’ll love Club Madrid in Las Vegas if you’re a rock and metal fan – it’s one of the most popular venues for live performances! Located just off the main hub of the Las Vegas strip, this venue is renowned for its nightlife.

It hosts local bands and attracts plenty of music enthusiasts who come to enjoy the rock scene. The atmosphere is electric, with great acoustics and sound systems that make every performance an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a variety of music genres here, from classic rock to modern metal. This is definitely a must-visit spot if you’re looking to get your groove on in Sin City!

Counts Vampd

Head to Counts Vampd for an unforgettable rock experience! Located on East Fremont Street, this venue is the ultimate playground for metalheads.

Enjoy live performances from local metal bands and rock-themed decor while sipping on drink specials. The intimate atmosphere of the venue allows you to be up close and personal with the Las Vegas metal scene.

Embrace liberation in a place where mosh pits thrive and experience an unparalleled level of energy that only a night at Counts Vampd can bring.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Vinyl Las Vegas

Experience a night of classic rock music and unique vibes at Vinyl Las Vegas! Located just off the main hub of the Las Vegas strip, this historic venue is a favorite for local metal acts and rock music enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in an intimate setting as you enjoy up-close performances from emerging bands like Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse, Hemlock, and Slaughter. With its ultimate playground for rock fans, Vinyl provides an unforgettable experience to liberate your inner spirit.

Step into the live music scene with its grungiest venues; explore all that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Dive

Take a five-minute journey east of the Las Vegas strip to explore The Dive–one of the grittiest venues for live music. With its local and touring rock and metal acts, this intimate venue is sure to bring an energetic atmosphere.

Its ambiance will provide you with an up close and personal experience with the live music lineup. You’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow metalheads who come together for some headbanging fun.

Enjoy drink specials that are offered throughout the night while rocking out to local band showcases at The Dive. Don’t miss out on their rock and metal-themed events which offer something special every time you visit!


You’ve seen some of the best rock and metal bars and clubs in Las Vegas. From the large Downtown Las Vegas Events Center to the small Beauty Bar, there’s something for everyone.

The fact that over 2 million people attended a rock or metal event in Las Vegas in 2019 alone shows just how popular this genre is here. So if you’re a fan of hard-driving riffs and thunderous drums, then you need to check out these venues!


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