Be Delighted In The Desert – Your Vital Vegas Requirements

“This is how we do it, la ra ra ra ra ra, this is how we do it”
– Montell Jordan

Apparently he’s a pastor now. There you go. That’s all I know about him. The song and this bit of info. It’s a catchy number. Anyway…

Want to stay in Las Vegas for as little as possible?

Of course you do! Maybe even for FREE? WOO HOO!!! Yeah, FREE! 🙂 You can! Certainly! 

Las Vegas - You CAN Do It For LESS... Money-Saving And Trip Enhancing Tips By Shane Loves Vegas Available On Amazon Now


asleep24Navigate Vegas with a genuine expert as your guide! Read More

It’s become fashionable to ignore expertise. Populism has made it cool to pretend that experts can be ignored in favor of a catchy soundbite or simple one liner.
If you are planning a trip to Vegas you can view an ad, read a review and you’ll get out of it what you put in. Take the time to read this book and your investment will pay back ten fold. Mr Donnelly is a subject matter expert, he has come at Vegas from every angle, weeks at the Wynn to three month stays on a budget. You just can’t get this level of insight anywhere else!

McLouSave more than you spend on the book Read More

Easy read and loads of really useful tips that will save you a lot of money in Vegas. If you are going, you need to read it. It saves the usual couple of days of getting your bearings and sussing things out. Let’s face it, if you’re going to Vegas, you want to spend the maximum amount of time making the most of your holiday. Reading this book before going gives you so much information in a concise, easy to read way. It also gives you relevant information which is current and will be relevant and current for years to come. To put it in perspective, you’d throw the cost of the book on one game of Blackjack in the Bellagio. If you’re going to Vegas, you’d be mad (mad, Ted) not to buy it. Even if you’re not going there, it’s a good insight into Vegas.

LaoiseGreat book for planning a trip to Las Vegas Read More

If you’re looking for an easy to read, laugh out loud, incredibly practical guide to getting the most of your trip to Las Vegas then this is the book for you.
Clearly written by someone who has an eye for a bargain and a nose for life hacks anyone who likes to travel and get more for their money will get something out of this.
A good resource to prep for your trip and get tips while your there!!

Cormac Doyle
Cormac DoyleHighly Recommend Read More

Great read. This guy obviously knows what he’s Talking about. I’d never been to Vegas before so it was great to have ‘insider knowledge’ when I went armed with this book – where to go, tips , recommendations etc. And he’s funny too!!

Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerA Must Read Read More

Very helpful and saved me a fortune would highly recommend you purchase this book before you go to Vegas.

Available in Paperback and e-Book from Multiple Online Book Stores, YAY!

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Things You Might Need In Las Vegas