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Beautiful French Food, People Watching, Bellagio Water Show, Romance at Mon Ami Gabi

Ham and Cheese Crepe at Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Las Vegas

Ok, this is going to be so so easy to write for many reasons, but they’ll hold for another day. I have memories of here that will stay with me forever. Mon Ami Gabi is a wonderful restaurant, and with the memories I have of there, it’s as close to perfect as perfect can be for me. It’s not expensive but nor is it cheap. It’s excellent value for what it provides, and it provides on different levels. Mon Ami Gabi is top quality AND obviously part of my aim with the site is to help you to experience Las Vegas luxury too, for what I believe to be good value. I’m covering two options for you here, both great value, one being cheaper than the other, so this will help you with your decision. For me it’s no decision. Mon Ami is nailed on in many of my Las Vegas thoughts. Mon Ami Gabi or just Mon Ami, as I’ve heard many locals call it. You really should visit here, like, defintely! I’m not trying to sell this. I haven’t been paid anything, and being honest, if people start going there based on this, well that’s very cool, but don’t deny me a seat! You’ll have a great memory. Bring me too! This is one of the very first places I’ll visit each time I go to Las Vegas and one of the last when I’m leaving. I’ve been many times now. Mon Ami Gabi is, from recollection, one of the five highest grossing restaurants in America. I’m weird. I’m interested in stuff like that. I like to see what makes the best, the best. Always good to learn stuff. I’m not surprised that it’s placed that highly though, as it’s absolutely excellent in every way. It’s a favourite Brunch spot for many locals. Get a seat on the patio (that’s first come/first served) for THE BEST people watching on the Strip, some of the best food that many people will ever taste in their lives, AND the perfect position to watch and listen to the Bellagio Water Show. 

If you want to eat at Mon Ami Gabi, for the best possible value (and this is the aim of my blog obviously), and fill your tummy up, then go for lunch, and have the crepe with ham and cheese AND mash (you’ll need to ask them to substitute the French Fries for this BUT do it! Trust me!) or go for the croque monseiur, again, have it with mash. Make sure to have the mash! That’s mine above without the mash (that came on the side). Both are incredibly good options with mash – filling! I’m from Ireland… I just know a few things about spuds. I have a book, soon to be a major Hollywood film, called “I know what you did last summer with that potato”. Andddd we’re back. Just to clarify, I don’t have a major Hollywood movie in the works, at least not about any potatoes that I’m aware of. Back to the food, each of these will cost you under $15 from memory AND you really won’t mind payng that I would think. When you taste it, you’ll really won’t mind!I think so anyway. I’d have paid far more for this wonderful food, with the location, sitting practically on the Strip, the staff are always wonderful, and the entire experience of Mon Ami Gabi. I think I’ve probably eaten here well over a dozen times now (four or fiver times last trip) and it never disappoints. It’s consistently outstanding and if you want a place to be consistently anything, outstanding is it. Again… trust me, do this! This is NOT to be missed, especially if you have a special someone to share it with. If you’ve a few more dollars to spare, do have a special night here by eating out on the patio. Here’s the suggestion if so… Onion Soup Au Gratin (this is really great, and to compare, I’ve had it in Paris, France, numberous times and Dublin obviously. Not boasting, Paris is very close to Dublin), a Prime Steak Frites (Prime Steak, choose your sauce, and again, have it with mash instead of chips, TRUST me on the sunscreen, I mean the mash, but wear sunscreen and get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good. For Dessert, Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (c’est magnifique). This will come to around $53 per person. Any taxes, tips on top. Is it worth it? 100%, every time, EVERY single time. A night you won’t easily forget. Can’t wait to go again myself now! 

DO NOT NOT go here. This means, GO HERE! You’ll love it. Do your best to get a patio seat (they are first come, first served) for the best experience. I could go on about Mon Ami Gabi for hours but I have to give the others a fair shot too. Mon Ami Gabi, you’ve given me what I will hold forever in my thoughts in there amongst the most beautiful moments in life. Thank you. All going well, I’ll see you again very soon. 🙂 

Hungry now? LOTS of options here…


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If crepes on the Strip with the Bellagio water show in full flow might help your family or your friends, please feel free to share. 🙂

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Bernadette Donnelly
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Brilliant idea. Don't know why there's not one of these for every city.
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Alan Dunleavy
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All you need to know before and during your vegas escape, especially if you want to see it all on a budget! Insightful tips and humorous commentary from Shane, who clearly knows his way around Sin City!
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Paul Donnelly
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Ian O'Rourke
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