El Segundo Sol

Mexican Munchie Nirvana at El Segundo Sol

El Segundo Sol, is a beautiful and superb Mexican Restaurant up at the Fashion Show Mall opposite the Wynn and Palazzo. It’s beside Stripburger and Chicken, which I’ve written about for you also. 

Now this is AMAZING FOOD! I say go here at any time! Except when it’s closed. You won’t get food when it’s closed so I’m not sure how that might work out for you. I love El Segundo Sol. They have the potential to charge a fortune due to the quality of the food, the location, the service, but they don’t, and I’ve got great respect for this. El Segundo offers good value for super quality PLUS if you go at Happy Hour time, well you’re really kinda robbing these people, unfortunately.

All-Natural Chicken Fajitas at El Segundo Sol Las Vegas

The (pictured above) super-uber-duperdy-duper-fantastico All-Natural Chicken fajitas I had there. Oh Mother of all that is good and holy. I’ve had them a few times now. They are now one of my favouite interplanetary dishes. High praise! They were on one of those sizzling plates with everything I needed. I think that there were six little bowls put with it. Sour cream. Blackbeans. Guacamole (their Guacamole is incredible! SO GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!). There was Pico de Gallo (deelish). A beautiful salsa, and the warmest tortillas wraps to put everything into. AND the rice…. the rice! WOW! That was epic! A beautiful coriander and garlic flavour.  Honestly, I love this. I think it was about $19.99. Worth every cent.  There was so much in it. The pic doesn’t do it justice. Griddled bell peppers, onions, corn on the cob and asparagus. Top TOP stuff! 


“Loco Hour” (that’s Happy Hour in English) is run daily from 4:00pm–7:00pm (the same as Stripburger and Chicken, next door) AND for $3 you can consume Two-Bite Tacos, $5 wonderful Quesadillas, $5 Margaritas (insanely gorgeous! IF you drink alcohol, these are NOT to be missed) and $3 Tequila shots and more. Just go, trust me. Go go go! Super food, wonderul staff, all tops in my book! If you fancy a drink afterwards, go next door to Stripburger and Chicken. They’re a sister restaurant/bar. Try Amy’s “Strong Island Ice T”, that’s drinking for you! 😉 Tell her that I sent you (I’d appreciate that and they’ll hopefully still let you in!), and a big hello to everyone in both places from me, not that they all know me, a few of them will do though.

I highly recommend going here, especially if you’re a fan of Mexican food. Really top stuff! 

Getting hungry? This will inspire your decision!


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Free Guide - Almost 100 Places With Great Deals For Grub And The Demon In Las Vegas - Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas on a budget

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