21 Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

21 Places To Eat In Las Vegas That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

(with plenty of suggestions on what you might eat, and of course, the cost)

Right then, this is a nice list of Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas you could go and eat (drink too if you like), where, with the vast majority of them here, you’d get your meal for under $20 and many under $15 and far less. There are even feeds here for $6.70, $8.75 etc. I’ve just put these all together for now, and I could have made a far longer list, but I probably remember these places better as I’ve been in them a bit more recently. Just before you dive in, if you subscribe to the site (that’s FREE) I’ll send you on a FREE guide that’s going to save you lots of money on food and drinks in Las Vegas 
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At a couple of the places on the list, you might only have the Entrée (in the U.S, this is the Main Course), as it’s big enough, honestly. I’m 6 foot 4 (1.93m) and about 190 pounds (86 kilos or just over 13 and 1/2 stone), so I take a bit of feeding. Anyway, anything on top of that Entrée might be getting into the more expensive territory (in just one or two places on the list) but I’ll make a list for that too in due course. I’ll probably have a “10 meals under $10”, soon enough too, so stay tuned!

This list isn’t in any particular order. I’ll group the best bars/restaurants  in las vegas that have their cuisine in common. 

French (Romantic, Bellagio Water Show, People Watching)

Mon Ami Gabi (at Paris, opposite the Bellagio)

Ok, this is going to be so easy to write. I’m going to start with a lovely fancy place. This is one of the more expensive on my list (without being expensive in general), but it’s top quality AND I’m covering two options for you here, both great value, one being cheaper than the other. Mon Ami Gabi or just Mon Ami, as I’ve often heard the the locals call it. You really should visit here, like, for sure. You’ll have a great memory. Bring me too! This is one of the very first places I’ll visit each time I go to Las Vegas. Mon Ami Gabi is from recollection, one of the five highest grossing restaurants in America. I’m not surprised as it’s absolutely excellent in every way. It’s a favourite Brunch spot for many locals. Get a seat on the patio for THE BEST people watching on the Strip, some of the best food that many people would ever taste in their lives, AND the perfect position to watch and listen to the Bellagio Water Show. 

If you want to eat at Mon Ami Gabi, for the best possible value (and this is the aim of my blog obviously), and fill your tummy up, then go there for  best lunch in las vegas, and have the crepe with ham and cheese AND mash (you’ll need to ask them to substitute the French Fries for this BUT do it! Trust me!) or go for the croque monseiur, again, have it with mash. Make sure to have the mash! Both are incredibly good options with mash – filling! I’m from Ireland, this is excellent mash! If you know Ireland, you’ll understand our identity and the aul spud. Both of these will each cost you under $15 from memory AND you will be delighted to pay it. I think so anyway. I’d have paid far more for this wonderful food, with the location, sitting practically on the Strip, and the entire experience of Mon Ami Gabi. I think I’ve probably eaten here over a dozen times now (four or five times last trip) and it never disappoints. It’s consistently outstanding and if you want a place to be consistently anything, outstanding is it. Again… trust me, do this! This is NOT to be missed, especially if you have a special someone to share it with. If you’ve a few more dollars to spare, do have a special night here by eating out on the patio. Here’s the suggestion if so… Onion Soup Au Gratin (this is really great, and to compare, I’ve had it in Paris, France, numberous times and Dublin obviously. Not boasting, Paris is close to Dublin), a Prime Steak Frites (Prime Steak, choose your sauce, and again, have it with mash instead of chips, TRUST me on the sunscreen, I mean the mash, but wear sunscreen and get to know your parents), and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (c’est magnifique). This will come to around $53 per person. Any taxes, tips on top. Is it worth it? 100%, every time, every single time. A night you won’t easily forget. Can’t wait to go again myself now! 

DO NOT NOT go here. This means, GO HERE! You’ll love it. Do your best to get a patio seat (they are first come, first served) for the best experience. I could go on about Mon Ami Gabi for hours but I have to give the others a fair shot too. Mon Ami Gabi, you’ve given me some of the greatest memories of my life. Thank you. 


Stripburger and Chicken (I love this place! If you know me, you know…)

Up at Fashion Show Mall on the corner, opposite the Wynn – my lovely Stripburger, is another one of the Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas but it’s called Stripburger and Chicken now. The first place and last that I’ll go to on each trip, and this is as much for the food, as it is for the great great people that work there. Is it wrong to love food too? Not at all! 🙂 Here’s some great value for you. You can go for Happy Hour (4pm to 7pm), and Reverse Happy Hour (10pm to close), and you’ll get incredible prices for food and drinks, as you sit outside on the Strip and people watch. I’m hoping to do a video with the manager and one of the bar tenders here. Truly fantastic people like everyone should have in their lives. I’m lucky to be able to call some of them my friends.  

Suggestion: The deals for the Happy Hour (4pm to 7pm) and Reverse Happy Hour (10pm to close) are plenty. Try three mini hamburgers (so lovely and juicy!) for $7 add the fresh hand-cut cheddar fries for $2.75 and you’ll have had a great feed on the Strip for less than a tenner. Not shabby eh? Or, if you’re more of a chicken person, the Chicken Wings are fab and they’re only $6. If this doesn’t take your fancy get the “off the menu” “Nachos Amy Style”. Bloody hell….so good! I can’t remember the price but I’m fairly sure that they are less than $10 and they are HUGE! HUGE and DELICIOUS! 

Booze? Yep! and during these happy hours you can get a draft of Bud Light, PBR, or Coors Light for only $3. Well drinks (these are non-top shelf spirits/liquors) are only $4 during the Happy Hour and Reverse Happy Hour. If you’re looking for me in Las Vegas, you’d have a very good chance of finding me here. Just a warning, I’m not great at sharing food though. I need to sort this out. I mean, I’m not mean (I can provide good solid references!) you can have some (I’m cool with that, “some”, or if we agree before to share plates) or if I’ve money I’ll buy you grub, but I’m just haven’t broken through to fully share food yet. It’s a failing of mine that I need to put right. Food is one of my last remaing vices left in my life so I’m quite precious around this. This needs to stop and it will 🙂  Saying that, it’s far easier to share food in America as the portions are enormous, so just ignore the last few sentences and consider this therapy for me! I WILL share! 🙂 

In-N-Out (at Linq Promenade and other locations)

You’ll get a filling feed here for $6.70 and it’s tastyyyyy! The food here is very cheap in price for the quality. This is definitely one of the better fast food burgers (really good) for very very low cost. There are a number of In-N-Outs in Las Vegas, and the one that I used to go to was on the street between the Linq and the Flamingo, it’s called The Linq Promenade, and it’s on the right hand side as you walk down to the High Roller and just before the Brooklyn Bowl.


In-N-Out are currently only in about five states but they are growing quickly. Whomever gets the rights for Ireland will do well, seeing how Five Guys do here, but I think I know another one that might do just as well. When the boat comes in, maybe I’ll look at that. Their menu, short and simple, and that’s exactly what it is. There’s not a huge amount on it. 


Food Suggestion: Double-Double Burger, Handcut French Fries and Medium Drink for only $6.70. Nothing to think twice about there unless you’re a vegan or going vegan.

Suggestion: The Double-Double burger appears to be the most popular. I had it a couple of times. Really good and a great price with Handcut Fries and Medium Drink for only $6.70 or so I think. Cheap eating people! 


Ellis Island Village Pub and Cafe ( One of the Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas on a budget )

For what I believe to be the lowest cost (must be the best value anyway) steak in town, go to Ellis Island Village Pub and Cafe – Sign up for a Players Card in the Casino and get for ONLY $7.99 their TOP SIRLOIN STEAK SPECIAL! Available all day, every day! 10 oz., Filet-Cut, Top Sirloin Steak, served with your choice of potato or rice, garlic green beans and home-made soup or salad. Booze? Yep! $2.25 for 20-ounce beers and these are available 24-7 AND when there’s football on (so almost all day Sunday) and it’s only $1 a beer. You can’t go wrong here! Did I tell you that they brew their own beer? They do and I really enjoyed their stout (being from Dublin, me, not this stout) and their IPA. This is Las Vegas’ top-voted micro-brewery and Karaoke Lounge. The Karaoke is great fun and they have an excellent Elvis impersonator there called Gary. Lovely guy, and he puts on a really great free show in the Karaoke Lounge, tips aftwerwards are greatly appreciated. Eat and watch Elvis perform… happy days! I lived beside here on a couple of occasions and this Pub is where I had my first ever dinner in Las Vegas at possibly 2am early one Sunday morning. Many locals eat and drink here. It’s not the fanciest place in the world but I really like it! Ellis Island started out as the Village Pub (there’s one in the airport, and 12 in total, all in the Las Vegas Valley) which was a small bar for the locals, with only a bowl of chilli and a ham sandwich on the menu. It’s a family run business and the rooms are low cost in comparison to the mega resorts. They’ve put 20 million into redoing the rooms and suites. I hear there’s a fancy new bar being built, well they were working on it when I was there, it’s called “The Front Yard”, it’s costing 10 mil and I’m really looking forward to visiting it! You’ll find a full review of Ellis Island village pub HERE if you want to know more. Back to the grub, I used to melt butter and then have sour cream on the enormous baked potato that came with the steak, utter luxury and quite sinful to be honest, but my God, so good! Salt and Pepper too. That’s a nourishing comfort food potato right there. 

Ellis Island Village Pub and Cafe – Sign up for a Players Card in the Casino and get their TOP SIRLOIN STEAK SPECIAL for only $7.99 (home-made soup or salad included too!)


Fish N Chips

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips (at Linq Promenade)

Fish n Chips – There are a few places to get Fish n Chips in Las Vegas but my favourite (for the taste) so far is at the Linq and it’s Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips – All I had here was literally fish n chips (on a couple of occasions) but they were good…really good! Chips perfectly fried, not too greasy and the hand cut fresh cod fillets were beautiful. The batter was just perfect, tempura like. Not heavy and stodgy, light and crispy, again, just perfect. This was also under $15 and WILL FILL YOU UP! Also you get a dipping sauce with it. Clearly for the fish I’d take the Tartar but that’s me. The curry and mango sauce is gorgeous for the chips and the Southwest Ranch is a knock-out too. Not the cheapest fish n chips I’ll ever have for sure but for under $15 on the Strip in Las Vegas, I won’t be complaining and I will go again and again.



Wide Variety/American Diner

YardHouse (at Linq Promenade)

Google have a nice description for Yardhouse. “High-end sports-bar chain with a huge menu of New American fare & an extensive list of draft beers.”

This one is for Happy Hour too, GREAT VALUE and VERY GOOD FOOD. Happy hour is 3pm to 6pm and 10pm to close, so that’s really cool for a late night feed. This Yardhouse is at the Linq but there are others. During Happy hour there are select appetizers and pizzas for half price. Two of you could easily dine here for $30 between you. I had quite a bit of food here on a few occasions and from memory what I really enjoyed was the Chicken Lettuce Wraps and the Fried Calamari.

Booze? They’ve got over 100 beers on tap here from what I could count (I walked around looking quite weird I’m sure counting them whilst drunk one time (afternoon, it’s Vegas folks). The bar tender twigged what I was doing and gave me the number. It was, I think just over 100 and less than 120. Listen up, I can’t remember. Stop pressurising me! 😉 Anyway, we’re not in court and I can’t commit to a figure. NOW, more importantly, the booze is $2 off all wine, beer, spirits and cocktails for happy hour. $3 off the 9oz wine and $4 off the Half Yard beers.

Park on Fremont (This is at Fremont/Downtown)

Random type of food again (I like these places!) Happy Hour at Park on Fremont. $30 will buy almost the entire Happy Hour food menu here for two people. OK, I’m exagerating, but it’s great value. This is a beautiful bar/restaurant in a lovely location. So relaxed, and if you sit outside, there’s great people watching here too. The food here is really tasty, good quality, and if you order what I’m suggesting for two people, you’ll probably have too much. Better too much than too little and you can always take it back to your hotel. I was here with a truly great friend for food. I’d drank here plenty of times before but had never had the food. That was a mistake! Here’s what you can get for two people and you’d share this. You’d have to, unless you were insane or needed to eat thousands of calories at once. Crispy brussels sprouts (with pink lady apples, honey glaze and chilied brown butter almonds). I don’t eat sprouts generally, not many people like sprouts, but these were good! Steak tacos (you get three of these)! Garbage fries! You know, really the garbage fries alone would probably have been enough for me. Ok, these were REALLY REALLY GOOD… came with melted cheddar and provolone cheeses, bacon, jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, avocado, chipotle ranch and a fried egg on waffle fries (the lovely girl serving us, suggested the waffle fries instead of french fries or tots and bloody hell was she right!) We also had the Mac and Cheeseballs. My God, so good! It’s a five cheese blend and comes served with cheese sauce. THE LOT FOLKS…. FOR $24…AGAIN ONLY $24!!!! This isn’t much more than McDonald’s prices for 1000% better quality in my book. You can’t even compare them and I’m not really. I’m just saying $24 people… WOW! That’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS VALUE, now where are you going to do better than this for the location, service, and first and foremost the absolute incredible quality and taste of this food? You’ll find that difficult I can tell you. If you’re at Fremont (Downtown) this is DEFINITELY one to do for Happy Hour. If you’re Downtown (Fremont) and prefer Thai…get down to Le Thai at Fremont also but it’ll depend on what you want to eat. Both are very different BUT BOTH ARE GORGEOUS!

Booze? Domestic Draft Beers at $4, crafts on draft for $5 and well cocktails FOR ONLY $3. DO NOT MISS OUT ON HERE!

The Peppermill and Fireside Lounge (just past Encore on the way to The Strat)

This place is historic Las Vegas. Maybe the only place on the Strip to not have been pulled down at one time or another. The films Casino and Showgirls had parts of them shot here. I’ve a little piece written on this too. I don’t know what is on the menu for Happy Hour (but bear with me, I haven’t been there for Happy Hour), it’s 3 to 6 and they have a $3.50 to $10 food menu. Drinks are 50% off well drinks, house wine and domestics for Happy Hour with Specialty Drinks at $4.50 to $6. Again, I haven’t been here for Happy Hour but if you want to read more about Peppermill, you can here in the “EAT” section, and again trust me on this, at it’s regular prices it is still decent value and I’ve a feeling that you might not finish all your food such are the size of the portions. Peppermill is not one to miss, I can assure you of that. If you go once, you’ll most likely go again! 

If you have romance in mind, The Fireside Lounge (on the left as you go in the main door) will knock your socks off! Who says Vegas isn’t romantic? You must be joking me! You could have 10,000 different dates in this city I reckon, and with the same person and never get bored!

Terrace Pointe Cafe (at Wynn Las Vegas) 

I’m a big fan of Terrace Pointe Cafe. I’ve gone here a number of times over the years. To sit outside by the pool is a lovely relaxing experience. You’re in the Wynn here, so it’s not cheap, but many things in the Wynn aren’t “crazy” expensive. Of course there are some things. The resort was built to offer affordable luxury I believe, whilst also able to offer what’s totally unaffordable to most.

 My suggestion to eat here is the Organic Tomato Bisque Soup, I think there was a cheese and bacon bread that went with this, but I’m not seeing it on the menu now. I’ll have to investigate this further. The soup is on the menu at $7 for a cup and $10 for a bowl. The first time I had that, absolutely delicious. I would imagine most things at Terrace Pointe are, and hopefully, I’ll try many more in the years to come.  Or… here’s something else that you could have.  The sliders are wonderful. All natural beef patties, American cheese, tomato, pickle, caramelized onions, lettuce, special sauce, sesame bun.  Sliders and fries come in at $22. Not exactly cheap but you’re paying for top quality in a very fancy and luxurious hotel. The most expensive hotel casino built in the world at the time, 2005. $2.6 billion I believe. A million dollars per bedroom, as they value hotels. It could be far more expensive and to be honest, I think for the experience, the quality, location, service, it’s worth it. I’d pay it. 

Tilted Kilt (Linq Promenade)

Ate here a few times. Lived only a few minutes walk away. The food is very good. The Pretzel with beer cheese sauce, delish! I had the Shepherds Pie (Seasoned ground beef, carrots, peas and mushroom gravy. Served with parmesan mashed red potatoes and garlic bread) here one time also. It should really be called Cottage Pie as Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb. That’s the nomenclature in Ireland and the UK anyway, but my mother and most folks call Cottage Pie, Shepherds Pie, so I’m not one to talk. Regardless, I really enjoyed it. Made me feel like being back in Ireland a little. My kinda dinner. The odd time I’d buy here to take away. I can’t remember the price of the food at the time, but I’m fairly sure that both the above, combined, wouldn’t have cost more than $20. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I’ll get in touch with them for those prices for you and I’ll get back to you. 

Variety/Romantic/Special View

107SkyLounge at The Strat

OK… this is an INCREDIBLE place to visit fullstop. If you do it for Happy Hour, you’re sorted. Up at the Stratosphere (the tallest building in Western America) at the 107SkyLounge you can dine like a King (for half the price) and see the Las Vegas skyline from a height! During Happy Hour Appetizers are half price and cocktails are 2 for the price of 1. Here’s what I shared with a friend foodwise… Mini Bratwursts on Pretzel Buns, Roasted Tomato Fondue with baguette toast, Hummus with Roasted Garlic and Basil and the Petite Meatball Sliders. We shared the lot. This came to $31 for food. You get ALL of this for $31!!!! AND the view… if you want to be romantic, this is a place to do it. There are others, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, Fireside Lounge at Peppermill, there are lots, for sure, and the view here… it’s special. Enjoy this one… you might just have robbed them! Happy Hour for food is 4pm to 7pm and 10:30pm to 1 am. Happy Hour for the 2 for 1 cocktails are also 4pm to 7pm but midnight to 3am being the difference for drinks. I’ll go back, quite happily 🙂 


El Segundo Sol (Happy Hour and Dinner – At Fashion Show Mall opposite Wynn and Palazzo)

(I’ve seriously censored this one for my own good for the moment – it is one of the Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas)

Now this is AMAZING FOOD! I say go here at any time! Except when it’s closed. You won’t get food when it’s closed obvs. I love El Segundo. It has the potential to charge a fortune due to the quality of the food, the location, the service, but it doesn’t, and I’ve great respect for this. El Segundo offers great value and if you go at Happy Hour time, well you’re really kinda robbing these people, unfortunately.

The super-uber-duperdy-duper-fantastico Chicken fajitas I had there. Oh Mother of all that is good and holy. I’ve had them a few times now. They are one of my favouite interplanetary dishes. High praise 🙂 They were on one of those sizzling plates with everything that I needed. I think that there were six little bowls of food to put with it. Sour cream. Blackbeans. Guacamole (now people, their Guacamole is incredible! SO GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!! WOW!). There was Pico de Gallo (amazing!!!!). A beautiful salsa, and the warmest tortillas wraps to put everything into. My God!!! AND the rice…. the rice!!!! That was epic!!! A beautiful coriander and garlic flavour.  Honestly, I love this. I think it was about $19.99. Worth every cent.  There was so much in it. Griddled bell peppers, onions, corn on the cob and asparagus. I love asparagus, and I love El Segundo just as much. Top TOP stuff! 


“Loco Hour” (that’s Happy Hour in English) is run daily from 4:00pm–7:00pm (the same as Stripburger and Chicken, next door) AND for $3 you can consume Two-Bite Tacos, $5 wonderful Quesadillas, $5 Margaritas (insanely gorgeous! IF you drink alcohol, these are NOT to be missed) and $3 Tequila shots and more. Just go, trust me. Go go go!

Tacos El Gordo (just past Encore on the way to The Strat)

Drunk food! Great food! If you’re drunk and you’re looking for incredible value there’s nothing quite like Tacos! There’s a place just up from Encore on the way to The Stratosphere called Tacos El Gordo. Tacos El Gordo doesn’t try to be fancy and that’s fine, it just serves what are up there with the tastiest Tacos I’ve ever had. There’s an awesome Taco Truck up that parks itself up at SandDollar (a locals boozer) in the evening, they’re so so good too, plus El Segundo Sol, the tacos at these three places, you’d almost sell your Mother for them, but it’s illegal to sell a person so just don’t go down that road. I’ll buy you them if I have money, and if your Mother’s freedom is at risk. But both conditions must be satisfied unless I come into a good chunk of wonga. God they were so good! I’m trying to get in touch with them so that I can tell you more but for now YOU WON’T GO WRONG with Tacos El Gordo. I only ate one type here BUT I’M GOING BACK! It was the Carne Asada Taco (grilled beef). I think it was either $2 or $2.50 for each. At these low prices, it doesn’t really matter as you’re getting great value at either price point. You’d probably eat 3 to 5 of these to fill yourself up. At the higher price of $2.50 each this will cost you $7.50 for 3 or $12.50 for 5. Bloody beautiful and well worth every cent! Not a fancy place but good food? BEAUTIFUL FOOD! Another locals favourite and these locals KNOW their onions! 🙂



Le Thai

Ah Le Thai… I’ve a little piece written on you too. This was another, one of the Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas recommended to me by so many locals and are they right? They’re not wrong! Beautiful beautiful Thai food, and maybe the best you’re likely to get at this price. Go and have those Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mow), bloody hell they were amazing! OR get the lunch special where you’d choose from almost any curry there and you add your meat preference or Tofu or Shrimp for ONLY $9.95 and they give you a soft drink (Coke, Iced Tea, Lemonade etc) with it. This is a great deal, because it’s really good nourishing food. Up at Fremont (Downtown). If you like Thai food… DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS. Again, more great value! Lotus of Siam is another great option for you too if you enjoy Thai food. 

Le Thai have a happy hour from 3pm to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and then on Saturday they have a 30% off cocktails, mixed drinks, beer and wine between Midday and 4pm. 


Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Who’s looking for Free House Wine?

I call this “American Italian” style because it’s not really the exact same as Italian that you’d get in Europe (well that I’ve had anyway, maybe a region that I haven’t tasted) but it’s fine, and tasty in it’s own way, but again, quite different from the Italian that I’m used to. It won’t be for everyone, but I like it and I won’t apolgise for this. Great comfort food for sure. If you’ve got a banging hangover, this will work for you. The lights are low so that’s cool. The restaurant is a gem with tens of thousands (at least) of different items decorating the interior. Really wonderful! What a place Battista’s is. Another one hidden from the tourists. This is just behind the Strip, go to the High Roller (Big Wheel) and you’re only a couple of minutes walk away from it. Apparently, the Rat Pack used to eat here back in the day and this doesn’t surprise me from the decor. I don’t think they’ve changed it, probably just added to it. I’d visit here to see all the ornaments all over the restaurant alone. So cool! You could spend months in here and not have seen everything! It’s classic old Las Vegas just behind the Strip. I’ve been here many times now, it’s run very well, and I lived only a couple of minutes walk from it. If you like wine….you will get what looks like about a litre of it (even if there’s only two of you, and I’m fairly sure that they top this up as you go) here with your dinner. Along with filling yourself full of booze, this is what you get, each dinner has a set price and comes with Minestrone Soup or Italian Salad, Complimentary House Wine (just mentioning this again as we don’t want anyone to miss out), Garlic Bread (nice and buttery, but maybe not KerryGold) a Pasta Side (I had many of these and like the spaghetti bolognese) and the a really tasty homemade cappuccino (I had four of these one night, they are so good!). This is all wholesome food and with your FREE House Wine (again, HUGE) this will set you back $22.95 each. Look, that is very hard to beat for a big feed like this AND free wine. Plus you’ll be eating around history. Another NOT to Miss!


RaSushi (At Fashion Show Mall, opposite The Palazzo)

It’s been at least four years since I ate here. A friend of mine used to work here, so I was here a few times. There was a lovely guy managing the restaurant, called Dave, who sadly died. I’d only met him a few times, but some people can leave an ever-lasting impression. Such a really really nice guy. A true gent. RIP man. Far too early. 

Ok, being a few years ago, I can’t remember everything I had here but a couple of things I couldn’t forget. The food is extremely good. The garlic edamame and the lobster ceviche are phenomenal. Very impressive. I want to have this again. 

Drinks-wise, hopefully they’ve replaced my friend well as she made incredible drinks! I remember that chocolate salted pretzel cocktail. I think that’s what it’s called. You will NEVER forget your first! From recollection it’s made from whipped vodka and frangelico (hazelnut flavoured liquor)…. this cocktail is one of the two I would like to drink on my deathbed if I get the chance! Also, you should try Fireball mixed with Rum Chata. Now that’s how to drink! Thanks to all in Ra for making every visit special and a special thanks to my friend, for the amazing cocktails she makes, the great food recommendations, and for putting up with an overly exuberant on life (Las Vegas will do this to you) Dubliner, when she definitely had better things to do!


Secret Pizza (at Cosmopolitan)

“Maybe” the best Take-Away New York Style Pizza on the Strip? This is a really great place to get a couple of delicious slices of pizza, or a whole pizza if there’s more than one of you, and some yummy Cannoli. 

It’s called the Secret Pizza because they’ve kept the location a Secret. I know where it is obvs as I’ve been there a few times but I won’t let you in on it as it’d spoil the fun of your search! If you really WANT to know, message me and I’ll let you know. 

Now that we’ve dealt with that, you should give this a go if you like pizza. It’s very good. I had the Pepperoni Pizza and the Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom, from memory. It was a Fiver a slice and the Cannoli, for Dessert, that was about the same price. Two slices of this Pizza, a Cannoli, and you won’t really need much more food that day. Some might say a fiver a slice is too much, but you have to factor in location and overheads etc here. Getting a feed at the Cosmopolitan for $15 or so, that’s not a bad deal in my book, and this is really good pizza. Yeah, you could go elsewhere (get a much cheaper pizza at 7 Eleven, and nowhere near as nice. I’m not recommending 7 Eleven for pizza, it’s just not in the same league) if you wanted, but I’m happy with this and I had it a good few times now. 

Secret Pizza is very popular with clubbers, especially those that have been to Marquee (the MEGA club in The Cosmopolitan), so if it’s late at night and the club was or is open, expect a queue.

Again, this is good value, and it’s really good pizza. I’ll continue to go back here again and again. Now, if only I could get this bloating under control. The Doc says it’s probably a yeast thing. Seems the yeast in bread, etc these days rises twice, and the second time is in the stomach of some folks. I don’t think it’s going to be what I die from, although “Death due to Pizza” on my Death Cert, possibly not the worst way to be remembered. This has gone off on a tangent, apologies. 

Give here a visit, you’re not going to regret it, even if you do bloat. 

Hot Dog!

Haute Doggery (at the Linq Promenade)

Hot Dog!

Haute Doggery (  one of the Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas – at the Linq Promenade)

I’ve only been here a couple of times. It’s at the Linq. There are a number of places that you can get gourmet hot dog’s in in Las Vegas. This one was closeby to where I lived. Only a few minutes walk. Haute Doggery call their Hot Dogs, Retro Dogs.  I’m a BIG fan of most things Fungi, especially mushrooms and truffles, and they have a really tasty hot dog here, one I’ve made myself afterwards at home in Ireland. It’s a very simple one but so good. It’s called “The Fun-Ghi” and these are it’s constituents, char-grilled frank, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onion, gruyere cheese, & truffle mayo. Wonderful. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, it’s well worth the $7.99. That’s one of the more expensive Hot Dogs there. If you’re into Kobe Beef and Foie Gras, there’s one there for you. It’s called “The Billionaire Dog”, consisting of grilled kobe beef frank, foie gras torchon, port onion marmalade, & truffle mayo. I can’t eat Foie Gras right now (my own issues) and might never as I’m not happy with what I believe to be the process. I’m fairly sure I’m going to be a vegetarian or a vegan soon, so some of these articles will most likely become somewhat different, but while I’m still eating meat, I’ll have “The Fun-Ghi” for sure. YUM!

Haute Doggery also do Burgers, Fries, Onion Rings and also Quebec’s famous Poutine (fries with cheese curds & brown gravy).  

Very tasty food for anyone on a budget. Haute Doggery also have a sister restaurant at the Cosmopolitan called Holstein’s Shakes and Buns. 

Irish (Yes, there is such a thing as Irish food!)


This Irish Pub is up and across the road from Orleans on West Tropicana. I’ve been here a few times to watch the football (soccer), and to eat and drink. They show English Premier League and The Six Nations Rugby, GAA (Hurling and football, tha’s our Irish stuff), and Aussie Rules, amongst many other sports.  The Las Vegas Liverpool Fan Club is based here and they often give a free pint or have food deals for those who wear the jersey for the match. If you have a Liverpool International Membership card, when they are playing, I believe it’s 20% off food and drink for you. Plus you’ll be supporting a team of the people! They’re my colours well and truly nailed to the mast then, and hopefully I won’t lose too many readers over this! 😉  For those of you who know Las Vegas, but not all of it, it’s just a 5 or 6 minute uber/Lyft from New York New York (close to the centre of the Strip). A decent place to watch a match for sure.  I had food here on a few occassions. I had the Farmhouse Irish Breakfast which is very like a Fry Up that you might have anywhere in Ireland. When you’re an Irish person in America, it’s incredibly difficult to get Irish Sausages, Bacon and Pudding, the way it is back home, so we’re always skeptical when we see anywhere doing our fry. The laws are such in the U.S, that they are  protecting the pig industry to the detriment of many people who would like Irish ham, bacon, and also Spainish hams, as I looked at importing them into the U.S for re-sale at the farmers markets not so long ago. It’s a pity that, but it certainly hasn’t hindered McMullans in their offerings.  This is what is on your plate for the McMullans Farmhouse Irish Breakfast. Three Eggs any style, with Black & White Pudding, Sausage, Irish Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Breakfast Potatoes & Homemade  Brown Bread. You can have Heinz Baked Beans too. This is available from 11 at night to 11 in the morning and is IDEAL for those who are going to the pub to watch the matches. You’ll be up either VERY late at night or having a very early start as the early Premier League kickoff of midday in the UK will be 4am Las Vegas, so maybe you’ll be coming straight from a club. There’s an eight hour time difference to Ireland and the UK. Also, I had the Shepherds Pie another time. Lovely. I eat Shepherds Pie quite a bit by the looks of things on this article! Of course, it’s made with beef, and so should really be called Cottage Pie, but I’ve covered this above in a different review. We call it Shepherds Pie in Ireland too, but to be factually correct, it’s really called Cottage Pie, as Shepherds Pie is made with lamb. McMullan’s is made with plenty of Ground Sirloin Beef and Carrots in a savoury broth, topped with Sweet Peas and a Mashed Potato Crust. They have it with melted cheese too if you like (go for it!) and it’s served with Homemade Brown Bread, as is the Irish Breakfast.  

McMullans – Live Music, Footie, tasty nourishing wholesome food, good pints, what more could you need? Well worth a visit. Especially if you’re Irish and long for a taste of home in the Desert, or just like the fun and excitement of an Irish Bar.  

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