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In this post, I have shared my suggestion about both indoor and outdoor things to do in Las Vegas this week.

Stupendous! Amazing! Sensational! This Is Las Vegas!

IF you don’t like reading, you might not enjoy this page so much, so if that’s you, that’s cool, so you can just scan the yellow print and you’ll find what you’re looking for all going well. If you like reading, feel free to dive in and I hope you enjoy 🙂 This is basically a list that I have given to friends, and friends of friends of mine, that have asked me what they might consider doing in Las Vegas for some of their time there. There are all sorts here and it’s very random so I might break it up into sections for you. I’ll add to it as I remember more because there’s never a dull moment in Las Vegas, unless you need one, and, well that’s covered too. 

Enjoy 🙂 


Buffet at the Wynn is excellent) – here’s how I’d roll with this. There’s buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners. All different prices with dinner being the most expensive and breakfast the cheapest. You could go near the end of breakfast, so when breakfast is nearly over (cheapest option) then you’ll get the lunch sitting (far more options) at the breakfast price or likewise do a VERY late lunch and you’ll be in for the dinner food. It’s cheeky for sure but do-able. You can use the MyVegas App to help with getting a discount on some of these. Wynn isn’t on that app though but the Bellagio is, and I hear that that’s one of the best ones, I haven’t eaten at that buffet…yet. 

Night Clubs: 

I don’t really go to them as often these days, so I’m not best placed to advise, but I’ll tell you what, I loved Blush at the Wynn, that was a very pretty boutique club but it’s gone. There are tonnes of clubs in Vegas. Tryst at the Wynn was excellent but that’s gone a while now too and was replaced by Intrigue. Marquee at Cosmo is very cool and over many levels. Drai’s was fun (initially I wasn’t keen, but it was actually a really good spot for sure, and it’s all been done up since I was last in it) as was Jet at the Mirage, fun! I’m going to stop for a moment, this isn’t my best area. I’d be far better at bars and dive bars than clubs. I’ll get advice from the locals for you on what’s currently hot and what’s not. Just to say though, if you’re going to a club, get there during the day to put your name down on the list. 

Site seeing:

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris, (you’ll get a voucher for this in the little books they have at the back of the driver and passengers seats in the cabs, if you’re getting a cab, I’m kinda veering you away from doing this on the site for a few reasons (you can read this in the “Getting Around” section). You can pick these up as soon as you get into the cab at the airport.

For Concerts or Shows:

Well, you’ll get great deals here on the site or use Tix4Tonight on the Strip on the day itself.  

Bowling (if you’re having a crash day and/or just want to have a few quiet drinks):

Go to Brooklyn Bowl at the Linq and go to a gig or bowl. The bowling isn’t cheap there but they sometimes do offers in the free magazines for one hour free, normally on Tuesdays, I think. It’s an experience to bowl there though and especially if there’s a gig on at the same time. You’d be bowling whilst the concert is on. I don’t know if they always let people do this but they let me so they must do. 

For much cheaper bowling try The Gold Coast (it’s a little off the Strip and you’d get a cab there), $1.50 beers whilst you bowl and they’ll bring you TGI’s to eat whilst you bowl if you want some.

Finally on Bowling, for FREE Bowling, FREE Pool, FREE Video Games, go to The Nerd, 450 Fremont Street, 2nd Level (Downtown). It’s not in the greatest of shape the Bowling (they may have fixed it up since I was last there), but its definitely a place to visit if you fancy spending time at pool, bowling and/or video games for free. It’s a bar but I don’t think they do food. 


Forget Cabs. I’m not going to advise you to get a cab when UBER and LYFT are in the main far cheaper and not to generalise, but the drivers tend to be friendlier as this is their business and they aren’t working for a company. Forget about getting cabs, honest, I have a piece on why in the “Getting Around” section. 

The High Roller:

Highest observation wheel in the world, even higher than the London Eye. I lived a couple of minutes walk from this. It’s at the Linq. You can often find a great deal for this here. If you like to drink, take the free-bar option. Some people go absolutely baloobas drinking on this. You can read more further on. 

If you love fancy cars:

Visit the Ferrari/Mazzerati Garage at the Wynn if you like fancy cars. 10 dollars in. The only joint Ferrari Mazzerati dealership in the States. There’s more car stuff further on so keep reading! 

Las Vegas sign:

Visit the Las Vegas Sign and get some photos with it. I’d get a cab there and walk back if it’s not too hot, stopping at Mandalay Bay on the way back. You can see the man made beach in there and there’s an Irish Bar there, so you can get refreshed with a drink. The bar is called RiRa. Lovely man from Kilkenny called Cyril works there. I only chatted with him on that one occasion but some people are unforgettable. Also, MIX bar/restaurant at Mandalay Bay is AWESOME for the view and make sure to check out the view from the ladies bathroom. A local showed me that. No funny business! 

I want to scare the Bejebus out of myself on…possibly, rollercoasters? What do you reckon?

The Big Apple Rollercoaster at New York New York. FUN!!! It actually goes through the casino at the end. Apparently, there’s a hell of a new (couple of years) rollercoaster at Circus Circus now. Meant to be absolutely terrifying. I might not get on that one. I was on the old one at Circus Circus and survived after a good mental scare. I don’t know if I was attached to it properly, and my friend laughing his arse off at my predicament didn’t help, thus the mental stress. I hung onto those bars as if they were the holy grail itself. The New York New York one is very cool too. I’ve been on that one a few times now. I actually promised to become a Priest one time on a very dodgy wall of death ride. I didn’t become a Priest. I don’t know how to fix that promise. Ok then. 

Adventure Dome at Circus Circus:

While we’re on the subject of Rollercoasters, this is really worth a visit. 5 (FIVE!) acres of indoor fun, enough said. You can get a full one day pass or use it as part of choosing three activities in an MGM deal that you can get HERE, or use the MyVegas app to get two for one on the Rollercoaster Ride at least. If you don’t have this app, you can download it here.

I love Rock Music and I love Golf, and I might even get married to combine all three at once:

Haha! This is a crazy combination of things but there you go. You should go to the Rio and the Kiss Mini-Golf, it’s fun! That’s the band Kiss, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley. You do know them. They sing the sing the song Crazy, Crazy Nights. Yeah, you’ve definitely heard it. “People try to take my soul away, but I don’t hear the rap that they all say. They try to tell us we don’t belong, that’s alright, we’re millions strong. This is my music, it makes me proud, these are my people and this is my crowd” There you go, told you you knew them. You don’t have to get married there, but if you want too, a Gene Simmons lookalike will look after you. There are many celebrity lookalikes to marry you there. Not to get married to you, to marry you like a priest or minister would. There are often great deals on the mini-Golf on GroupOn

But, but, BUT! Who are these people Shane? Rock and Golf? I’m not a Rock Music fan. I love Golf though, AND I love the Twilight Zone. Again, I’m not a Rock fan.

There’s something for everyone of course! Well you can go to Bally’s for Twilight Zone mini-Golf, can’t you then? It’s open 365 days a year, it’s $11.95.


At the Rio and there’s one at Fremont (Downtown), and at the Linq… savage fun I reckon… ashamed to say that I haven’t done any of them yet (money was needed for others things) but that’s Las Vegas, you could live there for 2 years and not experience a quarter of it. 🙂 

Pub Crawl (Bar Hopping):

If you want to do a pub crawl, forget the Strip, get yourself to Fremont (Downtown – Old Vegas) and try the zip line and all the bars. You’ll love the Strip but this SHOULDN’T BE MISSED…the bars to visit…Park, Oak & Ivy, Bin 702, The Nerd, Courdoroy, The Griffin, Atomic, Commonwealth, Gold Spike (make sure to go out the back of here) and Hogs and Heifers. Hennessey’s up there is an Irish bar and that’s often got great deals. When you’re back on the Strip or thereabouts, try Dino’s, Ellis Island and Double Down. All definitely worth a visit. 

Dive Bars:

Worth visiting for sure are Dino’s, Double Down, Velveteen Rabbit (all craft beers in Velveteen). There are more 🙂 

Late night eating:

Well, you can do this nearly anywhere but I love Peppermill, just up from Encore for late night grub. I used to go here a bit. Real old style American Diner. Cocktails at 5 in the morning, and an awesome open fireplace to sit around and have a drink and/or food if you go in and to the left. Really nice fire, like being transported in time really. 

The Secret Pizza Place is a great spot too (at the Cosmopolitan) for a couple of lovely slices of delicious Pizza and maybe even some delicious Cannoli. That shouldn’t set you back more than about $15. 

And Tacos El Gordo just up past Encore on the way to The Strat. That’s open until 4am. Gorgeous Tacos! 🙂 

You are sorted. 

A cool place to eat with a bit of history:

In this post, I have shared my suggestion about Outdoor things to do in Las Vegas This Weekend

There’s a restaurant just parallel to the Strip near the High Roller called Battista’s. I’ve eaten there a number of times now. It was minutes walk away. The mob and the rat pack used to eat there and hold their meetings there. It’s slightly hidden away, slightly, and most tourists might not even hear of it. Being honest, the food isn’t the same as Italian food as I know it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not very tasty and I really enjoy it.  This place, so cool. Sinatra and all the lads. Plus UNLIMITED wine with your dinner. There’s a dive bar beside this too (I like the dive bars) called Stage Door. Cheap as chips! $1 beers and hot dogs etc


Visit Stripburger opposite the Wynn for $3 beers between 4 and 7 and 9 to close, and get the fried pickles with ranch too, unreal. Lots of great food here, great cocktails, sitting outside in the open air. I love it there, plus some of the nicest people I’ve met in life work here. 

Beer Lover:

If you’re down at the Linq get into Yardhouse if any of you love beer. 168 taps of all different beers. Great happy hour on food too. Look for the reverse happy hours at places too. These normally start at 9 or 10 pm to close. There are many other places serving many craft beers and own brew also in Las Vegas. I’ve made a nice list of deals for booze for you here, food too. 

Amusement Park:

Visit Circus Circus for an amusement park and maybe have a steak in the Steakhouse while there. Its really old, a nice steak, pricey….ish, but not too pricey. Why are steaks so expensive in Las Vegas? I mean, it could easily be said that we’ve got the best beef in the world in Ireland, and it’s far cheaper. Don’t tell me “oh, I thought the UK had the best beef”. Most of their beef is exported to them from Ireland so there you have it. I’m not talking Kobe here, I’m talking steak that’s actually affordable with the average industrial wage. Anyway, I’ve gone slightly off topic here and trying to get away from eating meat so possibly shouldn’t be encouraging you. 


Pretty nice amusement centre in New York New York too. 


Spielberg’s GameWorks (which I loved) has moved from the Strip to Town Square (about a mile from Mandalay Bay). You can get a free shuttle there from Planet Hollywood and Tropicana. 


There’s also meant to be a great weekend Amusement Park at Adventure Canyon which is in Primm, 40 miles south of Vegas. I haven’t been to this one. 

Cowboys and/or Line Dancing: 

If you like country music crossed with rock and you like Cowboys, there’s Stoney’s at Town Square. Excellent though. Cowboys and Cowgirls drinking there. Line Dancing. Mechanical Bull. A locals spot. Sunday’s from 7 pm, no cover, wells, wine, and draft beers $4.


The Euro is brutally bad right now versus the dollar and has been for a good while now. A Euro should really get you about $1.30, that’s probably about par (and I think that’s the shopping basket theory) but it’s been low since the Greek issues and possibly before that. Anyway,  Fashion Show Mall for shopping opposite the Wynn. Caesars’ Forum Shoppes. Miracle Mile and so many more. For BARGAINS…..Las Vegas premium outlets, great shopping, MAKE sure to sign up at first and print off vouchers and/or download their app, you’ll save a fortune. DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR LAS VEGAS. 

Visit the food court in the Fashion Show Mall if you’re shopping and hungry, or go to Stripburger…. it’s beside it. 😉

REALLY CHEAP (in price) FOOD and a great place for own brew and Karaoke: 

Ellis Island (was the Casino nearest to my apartment) for $9 Steak Dinner, starter and beer. It’s an older casino. Many locals go here. The food and booze are great value, plus they brew their own. The staff are all lovely, those that I’ve chatted to. You can read more about Ellis in the “EAT” section.  

I’m not from the U.S. Shane, and electronics are more expensive in my country, any advice?

Fry’s Electronics for electronic stuff. Great deals for laptops, tablets, cameras etc. Sign up on to their email exclusives and you’ll see. It’s down close to Town Square. You might go to Brio for a feed whilst you’re there, nice food! Fry’s have amazing deals on Black Friday. Got myself a touch-screen laptop here before for $400 one Black Friday, really high spec and it was $1,200 in most other places. There’s food also in Fry’s itself, and they do specials, but it’s not the Brio standard which is fair enough as Brio is a restaurant and their own knowledge of laptops and tablets etc most likely won’t be as good as Fry’s. If you’re an Apple dude or dudette, you can become satisfied at Fashion Show Mall. on the Strip opposite The Palazzo. 

Nine Fine Irishmen:

Are there? Haha, it’s the Irish Boozer in New York New York. Apparently, it was brought over from Ireland brick by brick. It’s nice. Walk right through it and you’re on the Strip eating and drinking. Good Irish band there. They’ve got a decent shepherds (cottage really) pie. Other good Irish bars to visit are RiRa at Mandalay Bay and McMullan’s up opposite The Orleans. 

Terrace Point Cafe:

Don’t leave Vegas without going to Terrace Point Cafe in the Wynn, sitting outside, and having Tomato Bisque Soup with sourdough bread and cheese while sitting out people watching at the pool. That’s really nice comfort food, expecially if you have a hangover. 

More Scary Rides:

Go to the Stratosphere (North End of Strip) and go on some of the rides. They will raise the hairs on your neck. I did ALL of these pissed as a fart with a 70-year-old man from Birmingham in England. We tore the absolute backside out of it that night on the jar! Great fun! 🙂 

Bellagio Fountains and MON AMI GABI (Combine these):

ON YOUR LAST NIGHT AT ABOUT 7:30 PM, good time for dinner, ……(YOU’LL NEED TO BOOK THIS – HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED If you’re booking, you can do it at the door or call them, make sure to ask for a seat on the patio, although I believe that they are first come first served). Have dinner in Mon Ami Gabi at Paris in the evening, sit outside and watch the Bellagio water show, amazing. Also, this could easily be the start of a romantic night out if you’re with your partner. You can read more about Mon Ami and what you might eat in the “EAT” section.

Seafood and Steak (for deeper pockets or a special occasion): 

I’d also highly recommend the food at Joe’s at Caesar’s Forum Shoppes. Incredible! Oyster’s Rockefeller there was magnificent. Seafood and Steak. 

Almost Endless List of Food:

In the Caesar’s Forum Shoppes there’s also the Cheesecake Factory. Always……ALWAYS worth a visit. 

Mexican Food (relaxing sit-down meal or happy hour for food and drinks)

El Segundo Sol opposite the Wynn at Fashion Show Mall. Excellent Mexican food at a very fair price. I love it here. I LOVE IT HERE.

Mirage Volcano (Free show)

Yeah a volcano erupts nightly at the entrance to The Mirage (Steve Wynn’s second hotel in Las Vegas, and the first hotel casino in the world to turn over $1 million a day) and it’s very cool! It’s at 8, 9 and 10 in the evening on Friday’s and Saturdays and it’s at 8 and 9 in the evening other days. You can actually feel the heat off the Volcano, no messing! 

107 Sky Lounge (Dinner, possibly romantic, with a serious view. A serious view, actual view, not a serious view towards marrigage, that’s up to you, and that’s not to be forced)

Up high in The Strat there is the cool bar restaurant with a view that’s very hard to beat. Up here, you’ll be in the highest building in Western America and at one of it’s highest points. This would be another ace place to bring a romantic partner. They have a brilliant happy hour (the food is fantastic) and it’s from 4pm – 7pm with 50% off cocktails and appetizers 

Fall of Atlantis Show at Forum Shops (Free)

The Myth of Atlantis recreated! This free show runs Sunday through Thursday every hour on the hour from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday every hour on the hour from 11 midnight. You’re beside the Cheesecake Factory here. Go in, it’d be rude not to! 

Lake of Dreams (free show at Wynn)

This free show I love! You can only see this inside Wynn Las Vegas. Lake of Dreams is a spectaular. Music and imagery created by thousands of stunning holographics and puppetry. Inside the resort, take the circular escalator from Parasol Up and you’ll see the dazzling shows that happen on and in front of the 40-foot waterfall and pine-topped mountain. You might have a sneaky one at Parasol Down whilst watching it. I love that frog in the show, you really need to see it to believe it. The show runs every half an hour (30 mins) from 8pm to 12:30am each night. Also, they have the Frog on some of the games on the Wynn Slots App that you can play to get rewards of free nights at the Wynn. You should download this for sure. That can save you hundreds and possibly a thousand or so depending on the nights you go for. DO IT! 🙂 Honestly though! I’m saying this for your benefit. There’s a link in the “APPS” section, ok, just click HERE then.

Visit The Venetian (Gondolas and Haircuts, but there’s so much more!)

If you want to feel like you might be in Venice. Go on a Gondola if you like. Very nice hotel. Lucky enough to have stayed here a couple of times. There’s a great barber shop here, where a man in his 60-ties I reckon he was (he had a shop of his own years ago on the West Side of Vegas, I think he said to me, but he closed it and so works here now), he cuts hair. You’d be in a big barbershop all on your own (there’s only one chair from memory) with him. It’s called “The Art of Shaving”. I think it’s owned now by Proctor and Gamble or a company like that. Nice spot for a haircut though and not extortionately priced. On haircuts, one of my best friends, we were staying in the Wynn at the time, he got his haircut at the Wynn. I think it cost him $100 or so and his hair was short anyway, but he’ll maintain to this day that it was the greatest haircut he ever had. I think the head massage played a part! 

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden (Free) 

This is next to the lobby in the Bellagio. Well worth a visit.

See Real Flamingos! At the Flamingo (Wildlife Habitat). (Free)

I’ve seen these dudes sleeping, nuts! They were sleeping standing up and on one leg! I really didn’t know that they did this. Apparently it’s to conserve body heat. Anyway, visit them! They’re lovely! The Wildlife Habitat is open from dawn to dusk with Pelican feedings at 8:30am and 2pm daily and they also have Swans, Ducks, Koi Fish and Turtles.  

Circus Acts at Circus Circus! (Free)

The world’s largest permanent circus, highlighting the center stage of the Carnival Midway daily. Performances starting at 11:30 a.m. daily.

Listen to (and dance to, if you want) Free Live Music and experience Viva Vision Light Show at Fremont Street

Runs each hour 6pm to 1am and is six minutes long. The Viva Vision Light Show video screen is 1,500 feet long, 90 feet wide and suspended 90 feet above Fremont Street’s renowned pedestrian mall, lined by iconic casinos and hotels. Music featured includes The Killers, Linkin Park, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, The Who and Tiesto. There are also Free Shows this year by very popular artists including Good Charlotte (May 24th), Nelly (June 15th), Sugar Ray (June 29th), Cheap Trick (August 24th), The Wallflowers (August 30th), Smash Mouth (28th September), all 2019. 

Crash Day in Hotel, need booze, food, maybe some medication for my poor head and stomach.

Cool, use, or For food,, and or

I want to play video games

Go to Gameworks at Town Square. 6587 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste 117. Or, go to Midway at Circus Circus, they’ve lots too. There are video games also at New York New York where the Big Apple Rollercoaster is. 

I’d love to see some Ice Hockey!

Las Vegas has a team! They’re called the Vegas Golden Knights, they play in the Pacific Divsion and at the new T-Mobile arena. They started playing only in 2017. They made the Stanley Cup finals in their first year but lost out over 5 games to Washington Capitals. The tickets aren’t that cheap. The Golden Knights’ mascot is a Gila monster.

I really love Superhero films

Well thanks for sharing. There are some good ones! You can get your photo taken with many superhero look-alikes on the Strip. How they cope with the heat in those suits, I’m going to find out. Also, there’s Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. , it’s an interactive and educational exhibit bringing visitors in the world of The Avengers. You can even try on Iron Man’s suit and take it for a spin via virtual reality. There are 2 for 1 offers if you’re staying in Treasure Island where this is located. I’ll look for more offers for you. 

I’m keen to go Karting

Grand, there’s indoor Karting over beside the Palms. Pole Position Raceway at 4175 S Arville St #100

I want to propose to my darling with a message on a giant screen and tie them down to me forever and ever, and never let them get away. I’m very serious about this Shane, as you can probably tell. There is to be no escape for them! This IS the one! Definitely, this is it! This is the one. This IS the oneeeeeee. The stars have aligned for me! My other five marriages were practice. 

Ok, to me, you sound a little stressed. To others, these feelings of yours might be very normal. I don’t know you so I can only go by your words here. You might be best off getting a pet to start with, and some CBD oil (for both you and the pet, it’s only fair, and check if your pet can take it first) but only after a course of relaxation therapy, and I should know, I’ve been quite stressed during life at times too. First thing, everything, everyone, changes, it’s the way of the Universe, so what you want now, might not be what you want in the months or years to come. When you’re in Vegas, regardless of how drunk you get, remember that sentence because it’s very easy to just jump on the rollercoaster, and maybe not be properly buckled in mentally. That woudn’t be good for your partner nor you. It could save you a lot of money, heartbreak and potential hardship. Embrace change, it makes life much easier. You might change. He, she, might change. It might last forever, it might not, don’t be too uptight about it. Just know your rollercoaster as best you can is basically my advice. If you know your rollercoaster well enough, marry them, if you want, I’m not going to be responsible for you, they’re your rollercoaster, I’ve enough going on. Maybe someday I’ll marry my rollercoaster, maybe not. I’d be their rollercoaster too of course, so who knows, they might not enjoy my twists, turns, and my sudden loop the loops. Never say never, except to Hitler and Stalin obviously, and that Grand-daughter of Mussolini who quite possibly isn’t that fond of Jim Carrey. I’m not sure how marriage advice became part of this list but screw it, it’s Vegas, anything could possibly happen and does happen and ought to be addressed, or not, it depends. Also, I’m not one to advise you on any “tying down” business, I’ve never indulged, so just know your knots like any good scout would (in case you’re left high and dry, and emotionally or physically in knots), and then off up to Fremont with you. A simple text message on their giant “Viva Vision” costs a “mere” $500. They can also spice things up with a photo or video. If you’re interested in this, you can get in touch and I’ll help you out and you’ll be married in no time at all, with all the pleasure and the pain that can accompany this arrangement for you. Be open to both (these are undeniables) and you’ll have a great chance at a long lasting marriage. This advice comes free of charge and is possibly just useless.  

I want to terrify the living daylights out of myself and/or see my loved ones in a state of discomfort

Because believe me, you will if you go on the rides at the top of The Strat (formerly known as The Stratosphere), these are the highest thrill rides in the U.S.  Big Shot, Insanity and X-Scream are the ones to do. The admission to the Tower and to do these three rides is $35 during the week. It’s pricier at weekends. I’ll look for a deal for this one for you too. I did these quite drunkenly. I thought I might meet my maker that night but fortunately didn’t. I’ve more to do in this world yet, clearly, but I constantly think that I’m about to die on these things, it’s bloody ridiculous. Need to sort this out. If you’re staying in The Strat, it’s cheaper for you. Also, the Sky Jump is here! This is basically jumping from the top of the building attached to a wire and you fall all the way to the ground. I’m going to give that a go someday. I didn’t have the money for it the last time. You can include this with “Unlimited Tower and Rides” for $144.95

I’m being brought to Las Vegas but in truth, I’m a beach person. I don’t want to go. 

My heart bleeds for you, but really, if this is a complaint, it’s going to fall on deaf ears. First word problems my friend, and you’re being brought to undoubtedly one of the funest places on this planet. If you need the beach, and if this is an obvious connection to nature that you’re hopefully displaying here, and I’m being not so nice with my answer, I apologise and have a recommendation for you. You should stay in Mandalay Bay. There’s a man made beach there. It’s an 11-acre aquatic playground where you can catch the sun, swim or splash. You can ride tides in the wave pool or just flow along with the Lazy River. Non-Mandalay Bay guests are welcome to Mandalay Bay Beach if they pay. Valid Monday – Thursday. Adults are $20, Kids 4-16 years old are $10, Kids 3 and under are complimentary. There are blackout dates on this.


I want to Sky Dive, but not from the real Sky. Listen Shane, basically, I’ve heard that there’s indoor Sky Diving. Please enlighten me.

Well I can help you with more knowledge on this, but actual enlightenment in general, that’s a different thing and apparently if a person seeks it, they don’t get it, but that’s enough spirituality. The Sky Diving is up close to Encore. For $75 you can have a “A LEARN TO FLY” experience includes all equipment, training, instructor, and 2 minutes of tunnel time for one participant. For $99, it’s the same deal but 5 minutes. There are group offerings also, for example for up to 5 participants, for $300 there’s a 10 minute flight deal. 


I’m quite a refined lady and I was meant to be brought to Paris, France, but turns out my louser (this is an Irish-ism, it means “a mean, unpleasant, or contemptible person”) boyfriend is bringing me to Las Vegas instead. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad or will I just leave in short order?

Nice to have someone Irish here, coolio 🙂 You’re funny! Be happy! As often as possible in this life. Your boyfriend likes randomness, lights, great vibes and you’ll get all of this with almost one million people per week going to LV for a holiday/vacation. Las Vegas will be one of the most unique places you’ll ever visit! I’ve been in both cities numerous times (Paris is only 90 minutes or so from Dublin but as you’re Irish, you’l know this) and they are both extremely different experiences BUT there is a bit of Paris in Las Vegas and funnily enough it’s called “Paris Las Vegas”. There’s an Eiffel Tower (1/2 size of the real McCoy) there, an Arc De Triomphe (2/3 the size of the real one), a lovely French Restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi (you should go there and sit out on the patio and watch the Bellagio water show in the evening, or go for Brunch and have ham and cheese crepes or a croque monseiur, plus they do incredible mash!). It’s not Paris France, but it’s the next best. You can go up the Eiffel Tower in a glass elevator, it’s fun and a great view. You can get a deal for this HERE. Enjoy it though, he can bring you to the “real” Paris another time if you haven’t left him. Even if you have, you might rekindle it all for a trip to France, but enjoy Vegas, it’s very different for sure!

I want to see waxed celebrities.

Whaaaattttt? Hang on. Oh, ok. You’re talking wax works celebrities, aren’t you? I’ll go with that, otherwise I’m not going to know how to help you, I’m not really moving in those circles. If it’s in fact celebrities made of wax, you can go to Madame Tussauds at the lovely Venetian. They’ve got Gaga and Elvis there. Alan from the Hangover too. HERE are deals for this. 

Unlike the punter who asked you before about “indoor sky diving”, I want to do the real thing Shaner. Can I? 

Yes you can. The good people at “GoJump” can take care of you. It’s a tandem jump. The height you’ll leap from is 15,000 MSL (Mean Sea Level). You can get a deal here. There are additional charges for folks over 220 pounds which is 15.7 stone and just shy of 100 kilos (99.79kg). 

I’d like to see the Strip from a Helicopter.

One flying in the air? Obviously. Well here’s a deal for a 12 to 15 minute flight where you’ll get a good view of it I’m told. I’ve been in a helicopter before and once is enough for me, for now anyway.

That wax works celebrities thing interests me, but so does the High Roller and I love the jar/booze/sauce. Got anything that might interest me? 

Yeah, ok then! Let me get this right, you want to do some drinking, see Madame Tussauds and go on the High Roller. Right, there’s a great DEAL where you can get admission to Madame Tussauds Las Vegas with 30 minutes of unlimited open bar at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas’ The Hangover Bar, and admission to High Roller with 30 minutes of unlimited High Roller Happy Half Hour Anytime. This is a great deal. I’ve heard of lots of people having at least 6 and 7 drinks on the 30 minutes in the High Roller and even of a lady drinking 12 drinks in the 30 minutes. That’s a drink every 2 and a half minutes, WOW! I’m a big guy and I was a very talented drinker in that I could take a lot (a lot!) and stay fairly sober (sometimes), or at the very least find my way home safely. I think that that level in such a short time frame, that level might knock me into the middle of next week. I might need to experiment again sometime, but bloody hell, I wouldn’t look forward to that hangover. Please don’t drink 12 drinks in 30 minutes at this, as you’ll already have had an open bar just before at Madame Tussauds. Don’t die on us! 🙂 

I like big butts and I can not lie. Actually, that’s not what I meant to say, I do like the song though, reminds me of a friend of mine. I’ll tell you again Shane, in private obvs. What I meant to say was, I love cars, are there any fancy ones to see?

Haha, funny! I’ve got a great friend who we (very quietly) called Sir Mix-a-lot, so this is not new to me. That being said, let’s deal with cars as I can’t advise you on this penchant of yours. There’s a Ferrari Mazeratti dealership at the Wynn if you come up Trumps with your gambling and wish to make a purchase with your winnings, or you can visit it for $10 I think it was. Oh and there’s this! An admission package for one to Hollywood Car Museum and Liberace Garage for under $20. These are cars that graced the big and small screens including the Delorean from Back to the Future and the Knight Rider car from, well, Knight Rider. Was that car not called Kitt? That was what I always thought. Maybe that was just the voice of the car. Also there is the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, Herbie from “The Love Bug.” the A-Team stunt van too. If you’re a James Bond fan, you can see a motorcycle, Lotus submarine car, and even an Osprey 5 Hovercraft. The Batmobile from the Michael Keaton era and the neon green Mitsubishi Eclipse driven by Paul Walker in the “The Fast and the Furious” are also part of the collection. Here you GO.

I’d just love to be picked up from my hotel on the Strip in a Military Humvee, and to go shooting a machine gun.

Sure thing. Give this a go… Battlefield Vegas might just be the thing for you 

My partners drinking is really getting to me. He drank an entire bottle of Fireball last night and so, so many beers. My God, it was insane. How we weren’t thrown out of places I don’t know. He’s loud when he drinks. I need some time away from them and I’d love to have a Spa day or at least a few hours there. 

Ah the Fireball, nice! Haven’t had it in so long! That’s a gateway back to drinking for sure. Right, the Spa at the Wynn and the Spa at the Venetian/Palazzo are both excellent options for you. I’ve been in both and enjoyed each very much. I was loud with the booze too. My hearing isn’t mega (in the opinion of others, being honest, I think I’ve got more than my fair share of mumblers in my life) and I just couldn’t hear right when I drank so my voice got louder, and well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 

Shane, I’d love to have my dinner as high as possible in Las Vegas. 

As high up as possible, yeah? Is that what you meant? Ok, I’m going with that. 844 feet in the air, the “Top of the World” Restaurant at the Strat and it REVOLVES! They have a special which comes in at under $83 per person HERE (for Sunday to Thursday, you must also buy a beverage on top), with a great 4 course meal with a choice of various items and you could be eating Lobster Bisque Soup, Maryland Lump Crab Cake, Filet Mignon and Shrimp or Salmon and Shrimp, finished off with Salted Caramel Creme Brulle or a Sorbet Trio. That menu is subject to change clearly, and it’s an award winning restaurant. In my mind, this is good value especially if you’re planning a romantic night out. If I’ve read this incorrectly, and I may have done, you know that you can go to any number of dispensaries in Las Vegas now as it’s all legal. They’ll look after you for sure! 🙂 Back to food though… A less expensive option would also be in the Strat, going for the happy hour for food and drinks at 107 Sky Lounge. This is really great value and delicious!


I’d love to see Elvis.

Well we’re told that he’s shuffled off this mortal coil but you’ve got other options. There’s Big Elvis at Harrah’s Piano bar, he’s there at 2pm, 3:30pm and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s a free show. 

There’s a great Elvis (called Gary) at Ellis Island in the Karaoke bar. He’s a really nice guy. He performs every Friday and Saturday in the Village Pub there at 5pm. Go and have some food there (it’s inexpensive and tasty, the booze too) and watch him. I enjoy this show. Also, Gary deals Blackjack in the casino at Ellis, 6pm Tuesday to Thursday. 

There are other Elvises (three Elvises? Hahaha, if you’ve watched Father Ted, you’ll get this joke) and a top man who played Elvis at Legends in Concert both on the Strip and worldwide, he was even in Ireland which is cool. I met this lovely man one night as he was my Uber driver. He sang Elvis songs to me and my friend in the car. My friend had lost their phone, he found it, found me though Facebook as he didn’t know whose phone it was, and brought it back the next morning. Such a total gentleman. If you’d like him to pick you up and bring you from the airport to your hotel or elsewhere, contact me, I owe this man for his honesty, plus he’s a good guy. 


Are there any street parties in Vegas?

Yep! There’s a free one at Carnaval Court at Harrah’s on the Strip. There are flair bartenders, live DJ, live bands, and it’s from midday to 3am each day. It’s not quite Rio but it’s fun, go! 

Shane, I really love insects

Ok, that’s random, but cool. I enjoyed Arachnophobia, the film, but you’re probably on another level here and that’s cool. If you visit Container Park at night, there is a GIANT Praying Mantis there. It shoots out fire which is very cool. What’s even cooler is that this isn’t at a set time and the controller decides when it operates. They’ve been known to let it rip upon unsuspecting passers-by (let the Mantis rip, not wind, I’ve no knowledge of the controller’s movements regarding that. “The “Controller”, what a great name. “I….AM… THE…. CON-TROLL-ER”. That’s in an 80s version of a future robot voice). Fun times! Whilst up there, go into the place, visit Contaner Park, it’s very cool and if you’ve got kids with you, they’ll love it. Apparently in some parts of Africa it’s considered good luck if a Praying Mantis lands on you, so there you go. If this one happens to land on you (there’s no reason to think that it will), it’s goodnight Vienna for you, I would imagine, it’s BIG. Its Vegas! 🙂 

I loved the Osmonds. Are Donny and Marie still in Vegas? 

Yes! Until November 16th this year (2019) at the Flamingo. It’s all over then, but maybe they’ll run a show at a different casino? Very possible. 

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