My experience of Stripburger and Chicken, Las Vegas.

Why I love Stripburger (and Chicken)

Las Vegas Stripburger and Chicken

Gunter glieben glauchen globen

All right

I got something to say

Yeah, it’s better to burn out

Yeah, than fade away

That’s the magnificent Def Leppard there above with Rock of Ages from the multi-platininum selling album Hysteria from 1987. Sorry, I’m not a DJ, and this is a site about Las Vegas, but I love this band since I was 14, and the third line seems apt, “I got something to say”, so I thought that I’d sing you the introduction. See, I’m even singing for you here. How many websites will offer that service? For free too! You can’t sue me for this…

It was December 10th 2010, no it wasn’t cold, and it was night number one in Las Vegas for my Dad. I was meant to go over for the 11 days with a friend but they had to cancel. I was happy to go on my own of course (as I enjoy that too) but my Mum thought that it might do my Dad good to go, as he’d had a stroke a little prior and needed a holiday. Being honest I knew that he didn’t really want to go, so I didn’t press him on it and what would happen would happen, but it turned out that whether he wanted to go or not, he’d be going. Like in many families, he might not be the boss, but don’t tell him that. Turned out that my Mum was right to take no prisoners as he loved it!

Right, anyway, back to the night. We’d arrived in Las Vegas and I’d found us a great deal at the Wynn beforehand. From memory, as some of you might want to know, I got the return flights (Dublin to London Gatwick – Aer Lingus) and London Gatwick to Las Vegas (Virgin Atlantic) AND 10 nights at the magnificently beautiful Wynn for in and around €900 each. That’s a very good deal as the flights themselves are normally averaging around the €500 mark from Ireland (you can get cheaper at times but also, far more expensive options too) and if you’ve ever seen or stayed at the Wynn I think you’ll agree with that as regards it being a very nice deal. Anyway, this post isn’t about the flight or the Wynn. After checking into the hotel (we got an upgrade and no resort fee which was very cool…. I’ll tell you how again, it wasn’t difficult), getting showered and changed, it was time for a pint! We’re Irish and it’s always time for a pint, isn’t it? Well I don’t drink these days but before then, yeah, it was hard to find a time that, for almost any occassion in Ireland, you might be expected to drink. Walked out of the Wynn and straight across the road to Stripburger being totally unaware of how, in the years to follow, that this lovely place and the people there, would come to play a very real part in my life. People think, ah it’s Vegas, it’s not real. It is real I can assure you! We were greeted at the entrance and sat at the bar. Straight away, a lovely lady behind the bar, she introduced herself. Her name was Amy, she was the bartender, and Amy came to be a great friend of mine. Amy is a true superstar of the Strip. A top TOP quality person  and I’m very proud and always so happy, to have her as a friend of mine. She makes the famous “Amy’s Strong Island Ice Tea”. Stripburger is renowned for it.

We started on our pints, had some more and then got some food. To not use the Lord’s name here, the food was Deelish! We had sliders cooked perfectly, so juicy I can still nearly smell them, really gorgeous sauce on the buns, I’m getting really hungry now recalling this and I’ve no access to Stripburger today damnit. We had atomic fries…. can’t explain these right now as I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about how high they were piled and the spice craziness that went on in my mouth… so good! Last but not least of the food, and something that has lived with me to this day (I didn’t bring them home on the plane and preserve them, just to be clear), I mean that taste…. and we don’t have these in Ireland (well I haven’t found them yet anyway), fried pickles with ranch sauce. Good God it was a bit of heaven for me. This was my virgin fried pickle and what a bar to lose that virginity in! If you are going to Las Vegas…. EAT these things! You can worry about losing the weight later, or just do lots of walking around in Vegas. I’m telling you here and now. These are the business! Plus…. finish them off with a Butterscotch, Banana and Rum Milkshake. Definitely! Don’t miss that! Here, this is actually good fun, telling you about these foods and I’m reliving great memories as I am. Anyway, that’s just some of the food. The turkey burger is a real beaut too, really juicy!

In 2011, I had my jaw broken in Las Vegas on the first night of a two week stay, by a stranger in an unprovoked attack (again… for another post….I’ll actually give you rules, which if you follow them, will help you avoid getting your jaw broken in any city hopefully), anyhoo, at this time, Amy and Mark there, they both helped me so much as regards getting food into me. There was NOTHING that they wouldn’t have liquidised for me. I had my mouth wired shut, I mean my teeth were locked down on top of each other, and I could only take liquids through a straw. Some of the best people, Amy and Mark, and God I needed them at that time. Mark came to be a great friend of mine also. He’s an ace, a really great guy, and I know that all his staff would easily testify to that too. Miss you Brotha! Anyway… I’m getting away from the evening there. My Dad and I ended up drinking a fair bit of Tequila along with a number of beers, and well it’s hard to remember the rest of the night! Oh yeah…. I remember! I ended up in Blush back in the Wynn. No not in a hedge, in Blush. It was a boutique (that’s the name for this type of club apparently) nightclub inside the Wynn that was recommended to me by the ladies running the reception on the Tower Suites (see I told you we got upgraded, Tower Suites, woohoo!), who, get this…sent me around with the managers name (he was their former boss from what I understood), and they told me to avoid the queue entirely and just go up and ask for him by name. That was very cool of them! 🙂 Anyway, again…. another story for another day, and we are friends to this very day too. What a crazy night that turned out to be…in the longterm I mean, as regards making new friends. Three great people in the one night, lottery stuff! They’re the best nights too, the nights you make new friends. Oh and on that, when we first sat down at Stripburger that night, after saying hi to Amy, telling her about why we were there, like most I suppose, on holidays (vacation), Amy made it her business to introduce us to everyone in the bar! Now if that’s not the best bartending you’ll ever see, I can’t tell you what is. You can’t but make new friends at this bar!

Listen to me…. GO THERE. You won’t regret it. You might be unlucky enough to meet me there! It’s the first and last bar I’ll go to on each trip. You’ll be sitting out in the open air, eating the most beautiful food, being served by the wonderful, and really fun staff, possibly making new life-long friends and having the nicest drinks…oh yeah and ask for Amy’s “Strong Island Ice Tea”…  You’ll love it but listen to Amy when you get it…. two is enough for anyone and maybe too much for some. Trust a previous passer-outer on this. I’m not saying how many I had (more than two, I’m tall) or how many other drinks I had beforehand of course! 😉 I’m Irish and by God I could drink, but too many of these and it will knock the head off you! And that’s if Amy doesn’t have it laughed off you beforehand!. Go go go! Don’t hesitate! I bloody love you Stripburger! (and Chicken!) ( I hope you would like my guide about Las Vegas Stripburger )

Fashion Show Mall (Across from the Wynn) 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV, 89109

(702) 737-8747

Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM 

Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM 

Happy Hour: 4-7 PM & 10 PM – Close 

Getting Hungry? Many many options here…


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Free Guide - Almost 100 Places With Great Deals For Grub And The Demon In Las Vegas - Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas on a budget

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