Las Vegas – Do It For LESS!



Las Vegas - Do It For LESS! App
Las Vegas - Do It For LESS! The App


– Receive EXCLUSIVE food and drink offers LIVE to your phone as you walk the Strip!

– Tips and tricks to help you with booking flights and hotels

– Lowest prices on flights and hotels

– Car hire and limo booking

– FREE food and drink guide

– Restaurant reservations

– Book shows and concerts (and book for tonight too!)

– Activities (Grand Canyon trips, Chopper Strip trips, golfing and much more)

– Single? Find a date in Vegas

– Shopping (with coupons!)

– Trip insurance



Bernadette Donnelly
Bernadette Donnelly Read More

Love this app! It’s got everything I could possibly need for, and in, Las Vegas! Super! Plus the deals! I’m really looking forward to the live deals as I walk around Vegas. Fantastic idea! And it’s free!

Shane McLoughlin
Shane McLoughlin Read More

Brilliant idea. Don’t know why there’s not one of these for every city.

Alan Dunleavy
Alan Dunleavy Read More

All you need to know before and during your vegas escape, especially if you want to see it all on a budget! Insightful tips and humorous commentary from Shane, who clearly knows his way around Sin City!

Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly Read More

Researching for a mad trip to Vegas when we’re all allowed travel again and I found this app. There’s a huge amount of information and first hand recommendations which have been very helpful. Pretty much everything I’ll need for planning my trip and for when I get there. Thanks!

Ian O'Rourke
Ian O’Rourke Read More

Great app, easy to use, excellent guide for Las Vegas