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crazy Winter Holiday Hotel Deals In Las Vegas!

Winter is a fantastic time to visit Las Vegas if you want to save some money on your trip. The flights are cheaper, as are the hotels. You’ll see this incredible value in just in a moment. I’m often there in December and I love the Christmas feel, plus coming home to Christmas from a Las Vegas break is a lovely feeling as the holiday isn’t fully over then! There are some cons however. It’s not as warm, some of the hotels have work done on them in this quiet time, and many of the pools are closed. That aside, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend more time in Las Vegas in December. It’s quieter, you get great attention from the bar and restaurant staff. You can move around more freely and there aren’t queues for the attractions. Also, you can do incredible Christmas shopping at the Premium Outlets, Fashion Show Mall, Ceaser’s Forum, Miracle Mile and there are many more places. Inside the Venetian, you’ll be given free warm apple cider to get you into the Christmas mood!  There are a few ice-skating rinks too. The one at the Cosmopolitian is truly lovely and you can see the Strip from on high somewhat. I’m very eager to go this December but it’s not possible for me what with the covid situation and what have you. If you’re able to travel at this time, you will find these prices nigh on impossible to beat. 

Here is one special deal that I found today…

14 NIGHTS FOR $287

This is an incredible two week break (14 nights) in a 4 star hotel in famous Las Vegas (I’ve stayed in this hotel before for 10 nights). 

You can stay here for ONLY €243 or $287 or In UK money £221. This is for the full 14 nights and is per room and NOT per person! 

There will be a resort fee (most of the hotels in Las Vegas have one, but hopefully with the current situation these hotels will have a rethink on this fee, which I deem to be an unfair practice). You can ask them to waive the fee and many do successfully. 


If you need to try different dates, this is the search form that I used to find you this deal. The hotel and flight deals here are next to impossible to beat! 


Las Vegas
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Bernadette Donnelly
Bernadette Donnelly
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Love this app! It's got everything I could possibly need for, and in, Las Vegas! Super! Plus the deals! I'm really looking forward to the live deals as I walk around Vegas. Fantastic idea! And it's free!
Shane McLoughlin
Shane McLoughlin
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Brilliant idea. Don't know why there's not one of these for every city.
Alan Dunleavy
Alan Dunleavy
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All you need to know before and during your vegas escape, especially if you want to see it all on a budget! Insightful tips and humorous commentary from Shane, who clearly knows his way around Sin City!
Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly
Read More
Researching for a mad trip to Vegas when we're all allowed travel again and I found this app. There's a huge amount of information and first hand recommendations which have been very helpful. Pretty much everything I'll need for planning my trip and for when I get there. Thanks!
Ian O'Rourke
Ian O'Rourke
Read More
Great app, easy to use, excellent guide for Las Vegas