I’m booking my Las Vegas hotel at the last minute, what can I do? ​

Booking a Las Vegas Hotel at the Last Minute

You’re about to set off for Las Vegas, or you’ve arrived and you haven’t got a hotel room yet. Panic stations! Deep breaths, I have you. You want to get the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE that you can. Sometimes leaving it late like this can have a small element of risk, but you’re going to Las Vegas, so you’re possibly someone that likes a little gamble, so If you can hold off, OR you were just booking late, I would HIGHLY recommend (and you can book on the day you arrive or a few days before), the “Hotel Tonight” app.

Hotel Tonight are given unsold rooms by hotels and they pass them onto you and I, at very often, super rates. Be aware though, I’d ask you always, if you are in any way unsure of the rate, to compare it with the same hotel on Trivago and the list of offers that I’m compiling for you below.  I can’t see how you’d go wrong if you follow this except, I wouldn’t know if it would come up Trumps if you rock up into town on New Years Eve (the busiest day of the year in Las Vegas and room prices are in the Stratosphere (not the hotel!) but the rest of the year, you should be fine. Some of the Hotel Tonight rates won’t be the cheapest available, and that’s why I’d always ask you to compare. I’m cautious enough by nature (good news for you!), certainly with spending hundreds or thousands, so before I book with anyone, those are the steps I’d take if I was in a hurry, and just didn’t want to pay any more than was absolutely necessary. 

You can book using Hotel Tonight a full 100 days in advance, and book a stay for as long as 14 days and a week in advance for stays of up to 5 nights. I have never been anything but fully delighted with this App and it’s got me some sweet deals in the past. I’d love you to read to the end of the post though. It’s important and I will save you further money.

I’ve booked hotels in all manner of ways in Las Vegas over the years, depending on the time of year, who I was staying with, all manner of factors. Don’t get me wrong here, the hotels own sites, and the numerous sites that you might book on, ebookers, expedia, hotels.com, trivago, priceline, etc can all have fantastic deals and do have most of the time (I’ve used them all) but if I’m looking for something LAST MINUTE AND need to save money AND WANT TO KNOW That I’m in all probability getting the best deal possible, I’ll always look to this app (Hotel Tonight) a few days before (comparing it with Trivago results) and again, the deals I’m compiling HERE, you’re bound to find a super deal. 

€20 OFF YOUR BOOKING!!! (or the equivalent in your money) 

BELOW is their app.  Also, use this code sdonnelly18 (copy and paste it) you will GET €20 OFF your booking with them and I’ll get €20 off a future booking of mine after you’ve booked, so thanks very much! You win, AND you help me too! We’re like a right little mutual admiration society, aren’t we? 😉

Please ALSO note – Hotel Tonight bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE, so that’s why I’d book it on the day itself (where possible) when I know that a flight interruption or what have you doesn’t get in the way.

Download this App HERE!

Vegas Hotel Booking Tips - Booking a Las Vegas Hotel at the Last Minute

Apps To SAVE MONEY In Vegas!

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These prices (below) will be very difficult to beat BUT also, please check the same hotel on Trivago.com, and IF it’s cheaper on Trivago, follow the link before booking to ensure that the prices take resort fees and taxes into account as some solo sites aren’t entirely transparent with this, which is an absolute nuisance and an annoyance, and to be fair, I don’t think it’s proper practice. Anyway, you can contact me if you’ve any queries, again, in the main, these prices are very hard to beat AND I believe that I’ll have more hotel booking sites (built into this) available for you very soon.
My aggreated system here includes Agoda.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com and Booking.com amongst many many other huge players, and many, including Booking.com will include “price-matching”, so you can’t go wrong and I won’t let you go wrong! 🙂
Now, get yourself to Vegas! What are you waiting for? 🙂