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Bar and Restaurant Managers! Would you like to feature an offer for your business on my apps?

AND… it’s FREE! 🙂

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First of all, many thanks for visiting my site! I hope that you and yours are keeping very well during this tricky time. 

My name is Shane Donnelly. I’m from Dublin, Ireland, but I’ve been lucky enough to visit Las Vegas multiple times over the past dozen years, and in fact, I lived there on occasions for a few months at a time at the Meridian on Koval. 

A little about me… with my brother, I founded the first complete breakfast to supper online food and drink ordering website here in Ireland many years ago now.

I’m delighted to be able to present you with a free offer for your business that I’d really love you to take me up on. It’s free for you so that it can help your business, it will help my readers, and once it helps you and my readers, I’m sure at some point that my business will benefit too. 

Firstly, if you’d like to talk to me, that’s perfect, and you can reach me on U.S. 702 605 0026 or internationally on +353879047531. I’m in Dublin right now so it’s +8 hours from PST. 

I’ll explain a little more. I’m the owner of a recently published website called, and I’m also the author of a relatively newly published book called “Las Vegas – YOU Can Do It For Less”. 

My book is listed on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and many more stores, both in the U.S and worldwide. It is in paperback and on digital, and happily it’s getting some very pleasant reviews. 

Back to why you’re reading this… with the next phase of my business, my intention is to finish my next Las Vegas book in short order, and to quickly finish building both an android and an apple app, both of which are near completion. From prior experience, I can achieve these aims very quickly. Now, this is where you come in! What I would like to do, with your business, is to put some compelling offers (in light of the current crisis) onto the apps and in my new book. The intention being to be the premier app for visitors to Las Vegas wishing to avail of dining and drinking offers. I’m creating quite a unique app.

Another BIG positive… my app will also be capable of sending notifications of special offers and your daily specials (if you have some), to members of the public as they actually walk by your premises. These notifications have an extremely high uptake rate.

What would I require from you? 

Not much really! I’m very interested in an offer (or more than one if you like, not necessary though, and up to you), that I can promote for you, and that my readers, and app users, would be able to avail of until the end of 2021. The lengthy offer notice necessary for print reasons (book) and the fact that there’s no actual clarity on what the future will hold. Of course, if you can’t offer this, I can use a far shorter expiration date on the apps for you, and that I can change at any time of your choosing, so if you have a shorter expiration date, for now, I’d just include your offer on the apps. I wouldn’t like a situation whereby someone buys a book after the expiration date of any of the offers, you’d understand that yourself. That wouldn’t be an ideal experience. 

Your offer…

You can have a percentage discount, fixed dollar amount off, buy one/two/three get one free (etc), or even an exciting “scratch and win” offer (and you could give me the percentage of winners that you’re good with). The form below takes care of all of this. I’d like it to be exclusive to my apps and book, so ideally an offer that you aren’t currently running elsewhere, but, if you can’t, that’s fine too of course, and non-exclusive will work. An example might be a free Margarita with a main course etc. It’s really up to you to make it as compelling as you’d like. 

If you would like to submit an offer, you can do so on the form below, and you’d be making my day, so there’s that too! 

Everything I require to program your offer is covered in the form so I shouldn’t require anything else.  If you input an offer (you can submit an image of 700 x 350 px or larger – I can resize it if necessary, and it can be whatever suits or I can use your logo as an image, that will work too). If you want to use a promo code, please include that too, or I can make one up for you. If you have any terms and conditions for the offer (redeem one time etc), I’ll need to be aware of those also so that I can program them for you. Also, these offers can be for certain days and/or times if necessary. 

That’s all. Thanks for reading! Really nice of you to visit my site, and hoping that we can work together to do the best that we can for the many visitors to Las Vegas, and for each other, during what’s looking like a pretty rough time. Let’s make our futures brighter and get people to our beautiful Las Vegas! 🙂 

All my best, 


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